5 Tips To Keep Your Hair Color Fresh

Don’t let that perfect hue fade away!

red hair
Photo Credit: Rafael Santos

This summer, we are seeing a resurgence of hair color trends – from colorblocking and “money-piece” highlights to balayage and bold monotone hues. And, after spending hours achieving the perfect hue, the last thing you want is for the color to fade away. 

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Now is the time to up your regimen and hair products to help extend the life – and vibrance – of your new ‘do. So before you head out for a sun-filled day at the beach, here are a few tips to help keep your color fresher, longer. 

Stock Up On Color Safe Hair Products

Use haircare products that are specifically meant for color-treated hair. Not all shampoos, conditioners, and styling products are created equally. Try looking for sulfate-free products that are specifically formulated to help keep your hair clean and moisturized without affecting the color. You’ll also want to look for products that protect against the sun’s harmful (and color-fading) rays.

PRO TIP: Deep conditioners, masks, and moisturizers are also a must to keep your newly processed tresses from drying out. 

Dry Shampoo Is Your New Best Friend

Every time you wash your hair, a little bit of color is bound to wash off along with the dirt and grim. Dry shampoo will help you space out your wash days, allowing you to keep your hair color longer.

PRO TIP: Apply dry shampoo on your roots at night before bed. By the next morning, it will have worked its magic and have absorbed the oil. Brush your hair out to get rid of any excess product and remove any white cast. 

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Wash With Cool Water

Although dry shampoo is great, you will eventually have to wash your hair. As much as I love piping hot showers, using cold water is best for colored hair to help lock the color in.. Hot water can re-open the hair cuticle allowing the color to escape down the drain. 

PRO TIP: If you hate cold showers as much as I do, use cool water in the beginning of your shower to wash your hair. Once this is done, you can switch back to warm water to finish your shower routine. You can also wash in the sink or tub before you shower.

Avoid Heat

In the same vein, heat from any source can damage your hair and your color. Try moving away from using hot tools and instead air dry your hair and try heatless hairstyles. If you find quitting hot tools difficult, try using them on the lowest heat setting possible and always using a heat protectant.

Use Color-Depositing Conditioner 

Lastly, try using a color-depositing conditioner to extend the life of your hair color. Color-depositing conditioners are very easy to use — like regular conditioners, you can use them in the shower. They instantly refresh your hair color, allowing you to skip going to the salon so soon. Now, they come in all different colors from brown hues to fashion colors like purple, green, and many more. 

PRO TIP: If you have blonde or silver hair, try looking for a purple shampoo/conditioner to help combat the brassiness and any orange/yellow tones to keep your hair looking white and bright.

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