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The Importance of a Wash Day Routine for Healthy Hair Growth

by Tangia Seward of Do you have a haircare regimen? If not, here’s why you should.  WAIT, WAIT, WAIT…. What is a haircare regimen you ask? It is a specific routine or process you perform on a consistent basis to keep your tresses healthy and...

The Only Detangling Conditioner I Use – Works Like MAGIC.

July 2019 Hey hey! So, I haven't deep treated in 5 years and my henna sessions have gone from optional spa days for fuller-looking natural hair, to absolutely necessary, hurry-the-hell-up-I-got-ish-to-do root touch-up sessions.  I'm talking 30 minutes tops, from...

How to make a solid SHAMPOO BAR (without the acidic rinse, or grease!)

Hey, Beauties!  Are you interested in learning how to create your own bespoke shampoo and conditioner bars? Effective, all-natural hair-care products? Well, Bottega Zero Waste has got you covered, from the best recipes to easily acquired ingredients, with super clear...


How To Get Stronger, More Beautiful Hair With Rice Water

This cloudy liquid can actually help you achieve Rapunzel-length hair.

5 Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy & Hydrated This Summer

Here’s to living your best hair life.

How To Protect Your Hair From Your Protective Style

Here are nine tips to help you keep your edges and grow longer, stronger hair.


3 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Frizzy (And How To Fix It)

Beauty influencer Manes By Mell shares must-have tips to for hydrated, flourishing curls.

Is Terminal Hair Length a Thing? Have I Reached a Point I Can Not Grow Past?

Via Short answer: NO. ‘Terminal length’ is a concept I did not understand until very recently. When I began growing my hair out in college, it started breaking when it reached a comfortable length; just a little below the shoulder. Then, it was relaxed....

Holiday Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Hey beauties! The season is upon us, and while we may be unable to head out and turn up at the holiday parties this year, Zoom and FT are poppin’ like never before.  Therefore, we must serve hair (and FACE!) like there’s no tomorrow!  Check out this...