Best Spring Haircuts for Textured and Curly Hair Types

The end of winter means the age of new beginnings, so now’s the time to get that edgy cut you’ve been eyeing.

best spring hair trends
Photo Credit: Jada Riddle on Instagram; Artwork; Joy Adaeze

Now that spring has finally sprung, it’s out with the old and in with the new. And we’re not talking about your wardrobe here. Spring cleaning also applies to your hair. The end of winter means the age of new beginnings, so now’s the time to get that edgy cut you’ve been eyeing. Chop off your curls and kinks and style it in a chic, baroque bob, or add some pizzazz to your plain Jane tresses with a wolf cut. This spring is all about a new you! Need some inspo? Read on to find the five best spring haircuts for textured and curly hair types. 

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Baroque Bob 


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♬ original sound – Prod. Josh Bracy

I know the end of winter means silk press season is over, but before you put down your straighteners, check out this baroque bob cut that is so *spring*. Basically, a baroque bob is a voluminous bob with lots of polished, bouncy curls. While this hairstyle is mostly worn on straight hair, textured girlies can still chop their curls in this shape and add mousse (or curling cream and gel) to get that voluminous effect. 

Layers on Layers 

Layers is the 2023 hair trend that continues to carry on. And I get the hype. If you want your curly mane to frame your face, then layers are your best friend. Plus, you have so much versatility with layers. You can go the curtain bangs route to accentuate your eyes and cheekbones or opt for long layers to keep things simple and chic. Options are endless. 

‘90s Pixies Cut


“What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?” My hair lol #washday #pixiecut #fyp

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Next time you go to the salon, ask your hairdresser for that Nia Long circa ‘90s pixie hair. While it technically never went out of style, pixies are seeing a resurgence this spring and you definitely want to be in on the trend. And pixies are great for the girlies who want to undergo a big chop! I did one myself four years ago and I never regretted it. 

Side Bangs 

More and more Black women are ditching centered bangs for a side-swept one. While I’m not fully on board—my childhood experiences with side bangs still haunt me to this day—I can see the appeal. Especially since side bangs typically don’t require any chops or snips and you can wear them with any hairstyle, from a Barbie ponytail to mini buns. 

Curly Shaggy Haircut 


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♬ act ii: date @ 8 – 4Batz

Now, this is my next haircut. A shaggy hairdo is the right choice if you’re looking for a bouncy, full mane with wispy bangs and choppy layers to suit your facial features. A curly shag (done right) will accentuate your bone structure and give you that voluminous, full body look