Best Spring Hair Colors For Textured Hair

I did the endless scrolling for you and did my own research to round up the best spring hair colors.

cowboy carter hair
Photo Credit: MakaylaxBrooks on Instagram; Artwork: Joy Adaeze

Time to shed my winter coats and sweaters for camis and floral dresses, and snow boots for white sneakers and flats. And while I’m at it, let’s add a new hair color to the list too. Spring is all about new beginnings, and nothing’s more “new” than a seasonal dye job. 

Now that you decided to dye your hair, what’s next? Well, before you start your endless scroll on Pinterest or TikTok to find the right hair color, I have a tiny suggestion. Perhaps your next spring hair color doesn’t lie in the algorithm but rather this roundup here. Yep — I did the endless scrolling for you and did my own research to round up the best spring hair colors. Bookmark this page before your next hair appointment. You won’t regret it, trust. 

Copper Hair 


Im never going back to black 😂😂😂 why would iiiii 👩🏾‍🦰 Long overdue to try ginger/copper colored hair. Hair deets @WestKiss Hair Store @westkisswig @WestKiss Hair Store 24in bodywave with HD lace frontal #gingerhairblackgirl #copperhair #lacefrontwigs #greenscreen

♬ original sound – IG:@MAKAYLAXBROOKS

“Cowboy copper” was 2023’s fall hairstyle but the girlies loved it *so* it’s here for spring too. Plus, who said ginger was only reserved for fall? Definitely not me. Just a quick side note: red is hard to maintain, so before you go full copper, consult with your hairstyles on the best tips for staying red all season long. 

Icy Blonde 

To pull off icy blonde hair takes confidence, but if Beyoncé, Megan Thee Stallion, and hundreds of others can do it, so can you. A platinum hue will bring out your skin tone and brighten you up all over. Just make sure, your hair is healthy enough to sustain the many lightening treatments it’ll need to become platinum. You can still partake in the trend if you’re afraid of damaging your tresses—you can always wear a wig! 

Caramel Brown 


freshly dyed hair = new hairstyle (my hair color is @Creme of Nature light caramel brown, the braiding hair is 30) | #fyp #lifestyle #hair #hairappointment #feedinbraids #braids #gingerhairblackgirl

♬ original sound – Ms. Nina Simone

I know brown might seem drab but caramel hues plus sunny weather is chef’s kiss. I dyed my hair caramel and not only did it look a-m-a-z-i-n-g, but it lightened my skin and evened out my complexion. For my deep skin tone girls, caramel is the color if you want that nice and sunny look. 

Dark burgundy 

I predicted this hair trend when both the fall and winter fell victim to the auburn and red frenzy (re: cherry cola red? cowboy copper?). Honestly, I’m kind of here for dark burgundy though. It’s not the typical spring color, but who cares? It pairs well with deep and dark skin tones. Plus, it’ll look good in the sunlight, no?

Honey balayage 

Another perf spring color to add to your list. A fusion of caramel and honey blonde, this balayage will lighten the hair’s base color and give you that natural sun-kissed look that’s totally spring. It’s easy to maintain and versatile. What’s not to love about this hair color?