The Tomato Blush Trend Works On All Skin Tones

Get to know summer’s hottest makeup trend, tomato blush.

tomato blush trend
Photo Artwork: Joy Adaeze

If you’ve been scrolling through TikTok this summer, chances are you’ve spotted a tomato girl. She wears lightweight floral, white dresses made from linen or cotton, her makeup is natural and sunkissed, and she’s probably vacationing in the Amalfi Coast, Barcelona, or any Mediterranean destination where tomato-based dishes are plenty (Get it? Tomato Girl).

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Vacation or not, it seems like everyone wants to be a tomato girl. And the easiest way to incorporate that trend is through makeup. The tomato girl’s makeup is perfect for summer because it is easy to put together, it’s not heavy, and it mimics the look of being out in the sun all day (minus the sun damage). All you need is a red/orange blush. While they might look like intimidating colors, the results look surprisingly natural. And what’s great about the tomato blush trend is that it works on every skin tone. See below for how the trend is done.

The tomato girl look is all about looking naturally flushed, like you’ve been out in the sun all day. Here, influencer and jewelry designer Nazlia’s orange blush does just that.

What we love the most about the tomato blush trend is how natural it looks on your face. Here, Champagnemani’s blush lets her natural beauty shine through. 


still a hot pink girl at heart but red is hot! #blush #blackgirlmakeup

♬ It Almost Worked – TV Girl

For darker skin tones, you can opt for a deep red color. Content creator Toni Bravo layers on two red blushes (Rare Beauty’s Soft Pinch Liquid Blush in “Grateful”l and then Haus Labs Blush in “Watermelon Bliss”) to make her cheeks pop.


red blush is such a hidden gem for re-creating a sunkissed glow! #redblush #creamblush #sunkissedcoloring #blushmakeup #makebeauty

♬ original sound – DACEY CASH

TikTok creator DaceyCash calls red blush “underrated” and says it’s perfect for creating a natural sunkissed glow. She uses a powder blush to apply Make Beauty’s Dewy Gel Cheek Tint in Feverish everywhere the sun would naturally hit the face.


Tomato girl summer with one of my favorite blushes – spicy by @Saie #makeup #makeuptutorial #beauty #beautytok #blush #tomatogirlsummer #cherryblush

♬ original sound – alex

If red and orange tones intimidate you, start with a more neutral color, like terracotta, which will be forgiving on the skin if you accidentally overapply. Here, TikTok created Cheygren uses Saie’s Dew Liquid Cheek Blush in “Spicy” for a subtle flush.


@GLAMZILLA created the most beautiful universal red blush in ‘Hot Fire’ – perfect for your tomato girl summer🍅 #blushtok #redblush #tomatogirl #tomatogirlsummer #beautytok #tomatogirlmakeup #blush

♬ masquenada – veikko‼️

Beauty influencer Glamzilla collaborated with NudeStix to create “Hot Fire,” the ultimate tomato girl blush color. This bright red hue works on all skin tones to create that natural I-just-spent-an-entire-day-in-the-sun complexion.

Once you have your blush, the rest of the tomato girl look comes together easily. Finish your makeup with some light bronzer, sheer lipstick, and a few coats of mascara. Now pull out your favorite floral dress, and head to the nearest Italian restaurant for an Aperol spritz, and you officially embody the essence of a tomato girl.

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