No Peeking: Here’s What’s In OG Beauty Influencer StylenBeautyDoctor’s Chanel Bag

See what’s in beauty influencer StylenBeautyDoctor’s Chanel bag.

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Photo Artwork: Joy Adaeze

If you’re a beauty lover on Instagram, you’ve most likely come across Danielle Gray aka StylenBeautyDoctor. Danielle’s content is engaging, funny, and infectious as well as knowledgeable. She takes the time to educate her over 100K followers on the ins and outs of beauty, while also finding ways to brighten up our explore page, which is no small feat. 

Photo Credit: Marta Skovro

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Danielle became a beauty influencer in 2007 (yes, 16 years!) and went full time in 2010. This OG NYC-based content creator knows her way around beauty so we were excited to take a peek into her bag (a black Chanel Chain Signature Bowling Bag, if you’re wondering) to see what she’s been toting around lately.

Here’s what we found:

whats in my bag
Photo Artwork: Joy Adaeze
  1. BeautyBlender Blotterazzi Blotting Sponges. Love this to blot shine— I’m not sure if they still sell this, but I bought like 10 of them a few years ago…lol. It seems like it’s the same or similar material to the beautyblender, but cut longer and thinner for blotting. 
  2. Supergoop Handscreen Sunscreen. I test a lot of sunscreens and bought this to see if it was groundbreaking. It’s small enough to fit in my bag, but I could have also bought a drugstore travel size cream for the same purpose. 
  3. Fenty Beauty Mineral Hand Sunscreen. Bought this to try out for content, but wound up really loving the smell. I was very nervous about a MINERAL sunscreen because they tend to leave white casts on deeper skin, but this one doesn’t.
  4. Juvia’s Place Lipstick in Me and Lipgloss in So Glazed— their products are so pigmented and affordable, plus they cater to deeper skin so well.
  5.  MAC’s Chestnut Liner. MAC is always a staple. This lip combo is my go-to nude.
  6. My inhalers (one red, one blue). I have asthma and can’t leave home without these. I have inhalers almost everywhere— in my bags, in my bathroom, in my kitchen, etc lol.
  7. My apple airpods and case. Very necessary for tuning out NYC noise while I’m out and about, plus catching up on shows while on the train.
  8. My wallet, Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas. I’ve had this for years and should probably get a bigger wallet but whatever.
  9. Travel Pack of Kleenex Tissues. Very much needed when my allergies start acting up.
Photo Credit: Marta Skovro

A Bit of Q & A:

Reflect Beauty: Who are your fave makeup brands?

Danielle Gray: Dior, Danessa Myricks, Juvia’s Place, Cover FX.

RB: What are some things about yourself that you find most beautiful?

DG: I love my sense of humor and the way I make people feel—a long time ago I worked with a woman who seemed to always make people smile and feel good about themselves. I decided I wanted to make people feel that way and I try to do this in my day-to-day interactions with people I come across in person, but as well as my interactions online.

And superficially, I got a breast reduction back in January and my new size has me out here acting BRAND NEW…lol.

RB: Where do you get your confidence?

DG: I’ve found that confidence is something you get better at with time. Especially after 30 which is why I laugh now that I’m on this side of 30 because society wants to throw us away when we’re mentally, spiritually, financially, etc. at our prime.  

Photo Credit: Marta Skovro

RB: What inspires you each day?

DG: People! Whether it’s watching what people wear around NYC, reading through comments on Instagram to get a sense of what people are drawn to when it comes to content, or questions that my audience asks me.

Photo Credit: Marta Skovro

We’ve shown you what’s in Danielle’s bag. What are some essentials you can’t leave home without? Let us know in the comments!