What Beauty Publicist Danielle Alvarez Keeps In Her Vintage Chanel Bag

Check out what beauty products respected PR powerhouse Danielle Alvarez carries in her black vintage Chanel bag.

whats in my bag danielle alvarez
Photo Credit: Danielle Alvarez; Artwork: Joy Adaeze

Danielle Alvarez is a respected beauty PR powerhouse. After falling in love with the public relations and marketing industry while in high school, Danielle (who is Peruvian-American) did the work of learning her craft and paying her dues as an intern later when she attended college.

After spending several years making a name for herself in the PR world, working with brands like L’Oréal Paris, Garnier, and Urban Decay, she launched her PR media agency, The Bonita Project, in 2018.

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The Bonita Project focuses on community, storytelling, and educating brands on the continuing rise and importance of BIPOC communities. Some of the brands they’ve worked with include Clinque, Farsali, Urban Decay, Estée Lauder, and Tresluce Beauty.

We had the great pleasure of meeting Danielle and her wonderful Bonita Project team when they hosted a Black History event for Urban Decay’s collaboration with artist Jade Purple Brown. The event was a huge hit and by the end of the night we found ourselves fangirling over all things Bonita Project. And, of course, Danielle’s cool style.

Naturally we had to find out what beauty products she liked to tote around in her bag. Read on to find out!

Here’s what we found in Danielle’s Black Vintage Chanel Quilted Bag:

whats in my bag danielle alvarez
Photo Credit:Joy Adaeze

Urban Decay Lip Bond in OG Backtalk

The best every day, stay-all-day neutral lip shade with a nice pink undertone that I always wear. Don’t have to retouch as often and I can count on it to stay on all day—especially when I have a long work meeting, lunch, or dinner.

Urban Decay Big Bush Brow Gel

This has turned into my go-to product. I never cared for brow products until this one – if i need to re-touch my brows throughout the day or add some depth, I’ll pull out this bad boy! 

Alamar Cosmetics Dulce Lip Liner 

I can’t live without this lipliner. It’s the perfect nude for me and I love outlining my lips with this before I apply my lipstick or lip gloss. It’s my perfect match. 

danielle alvarez
Photo Credit: Danielle Alvarez

Kate Spade Credit Card Holder (Baby Pink)

It’s slim (not bulky) and holds the right amount of credit cards. Just the perfect cards I would need on a work date or regular date. I carry my essentials—debit card, personal credit card, company credit card, and my I.D. 

Airpods with a Black Case 

I can’t live in New York without my airpods. These are essential to my commute livelihood. While on the train or in a cab, I will zone out to my playlist. Currently playing: COWBOY CARTER!

IPhone with a Beige Case 

I can’t live in New York without my airpods. These are essential to my commute livelihood. While on the train or in a cab, I will zone out to my playlist. Currently playing: COWBOY CARTER!

Danielle Alvarez
Photo Credit: Danielle Alvarez

Diptyque Perfume Samples 

I always get these for free when I visit the store and I save these to stash in my purse. So when I need a quick refresh, I’ll spritz this on.

Selfie Light (on special occasions only)

I will only bring out the selfie light when I have a special occasion (e.g., a birthday, a work event, or a girls’ night out). If I look good, I will definitely be taking pictures and selfies.

And the Extras

House keys with a Spoiled Latina keychain; Loose cash because you just never know what craving you might want to get at the corner bodega.

Danielle Alvarez
Photo Credit: Danielle Alvarez

Reflect Beauty: What bag are you currently wearing?

Danielle Alvarez: My current bag is a Black Vintage Chanel Quilted Bag. It’s not my every-day bag, but it’s definitely my grown-up girly bag and I take it for important dates.

RB: What city do you live in?

DA: Proud to say I live in Bushwick, Brooklyn! (New York!)

RB: What type of work do you do? How long have you been a beauty entrepreneur? What do you love most about your career?

DA: I work in the PR/Marketing industry and own an agency called, The Bonita Project. I launched the agency in 2018 after being in the industry for 8.5 years. I always knew I wanted to work in PR since I was in high school and then as I went to college, and learned more about the industry, I was instantly drawn to it.

Around 2010, when I was in college, I applied to as many internships as I could and also volunteered to get the experience—and all of these positions were unpaid—which is the unfortunate reality of this industry. But it’s important to get your feet wet and understand the hustle and bustle and be okay with the chaos. If you like it, then this industry is for you! Lol.

Before landing a full-time job, I interned at a non-profit organization, a magazine, a boutique-size PR agency, and an event production company. What I love most about my career is that it allows me to be creative and pitch ideas that tap into my culture and highlight our diverse communities. 

RB: What are your favorite makeup brands?

DA: I would say I have favorite products and they rotate over the years. 

When it comes to makeup, I enjoy using:

  • Chanel for foundation 
  • It! Cosmetics for its under-eye brightener 
  • Nars – Orgasm Blush is iconic 
  • Urban Decay for my brows, eye shadows, eye liners & setting spray 
  • Smashbox for its glow primer. Can’t live without it
  • Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara keeps the lash up ALL day  

RB: What are some things about yourself that you find most beautiful?

DA: This is quite a question! I guess it’s the best question to ask an Aries (LOL) I have to say one of the things I find the most beautiful about me is my charisma, my energy, and positive outlook on life. As far as features go, I have learned to love and respect my curly hair. I used to dislike my hair and the maintenance it came with, but as an adult, I learned to appreciate the mane and take care of her.

RB: Where do you get your confidence?

DA: I get my confidence from real-life cheerleaders, like my mother, who always pushes me to do my best and believes in my mission and what I bring to the table. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Aside from my mother, I give credit to my inner circle of friends, who are always rooting for me. Even my Bonitas, who i work with – when I see they enjoy what they do, it strives me to do better and build confidence to take action and continue to build our shared dream. 

RB: What inspires you each day?

DA: Life! Daylight. Literally a good cup of coffee. I can’t go about my day without a good fresh cold brew. My brain is always churning new creative ideas, and I wake up excited to write them down or speak them into existence – whether it’s on Slack (lol), in my journal, or to my partner. 

RB: What are some beauty tips and tricks that you live by?

DA: Some beauty tips I live by (and this has come to me as I’ve grown older) are using RETINOL every two days and moisturizing with SPF every day—even if you’re staying in the house. 

RB: What is some beauty advice that you would give to your 25 year old self?

DA: Beauty advice I would give to my 25-year-old self would be to drink more water. Stay hydrated.