How 4 Latina Creators Celebrate Beauty & Confidence

Get to know these four inspiring Latinas and learn what fuels their creativity, plus their favorite beauty products.

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Photo Credit: Jessica x Fuen on Instagram; Artwork: Joy Adaeze

In the dynamic realm of social media, where the spotlight often shines on curated glimpses of life and beauty, four remarkable women have emerged as influential and authentic content creators. Not only can they slay a makeup tutorial, but they also sprinkle in personal touches that reflect their self-confidence and inner strength, while celebrating both inner and outer beauty. 

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“Growing up I always believed girls that looked like me weren’t being represented and to now be one of those representations to my and younger generations is amazing,” content creator Jessica Fuentes says. 

In the next few slides, we meet four inspiring Latina women and learn what fuels their creativity and confidence as creators. We also unveil the beauty products and brands currently in their purses. Get to know Jessica Fuentes, Jenn Torres, Ashley “Pepper” Nazario and Bianca Richards, in this celebration of authenticity and empowerment in the digital age.

Jessica Fuentes

Miami, Florida 

IG: jessicaxfuen 

Tiktok: jessicaxfuen

Whether it’s through a “get ready with me” style video, a DIY tutorial on a trending recipe, taking us with her to shop at Target, or singing along to Bad Bunny in the car, Jessica Fuentes is a master at channeling her best friend-like energy to more than 1.3 million followers across social media with her relatable and cheery content. Born and based in Miami, Florida, Fuentes has garnered her skills over the past two years by creating lifestyle and humorous couples content with her partner Alex on TikTok and Instagram and the two debuted the first season of their podcast “KLK Vos?” in 2023.

“I’ve always dreamt of making people feel better about themselves and bringing a smile to their faces. I’m blessed that it’s my job,” Fuentes says. “As a first gen, I feel like we have so much to prove. Being a Latina in this industry representing and sharing our beautiful culture to the world is a dream come true.”  

What are some things about yourself that you find most beautiful?
My confidence I’ll always be the first to light up a room and dance around like no one’s watching. My ability to stay positive in the toughest situations, things don’t really get to me. I know there’s a beautiful rainbow after every storm. I love my work ethic. Something about being raised by a single mom who cleaned houses makes me want to work a million times harder. My mom crossed the border for me to live my dreams and I will always give it my all. 

Where do you get your confidence?
My confidence really comes within its impossible to live up to these unrealistic beauty standards. Wearing all the outfits I love regardless of my body type. I remind myself that I am the prize and it’s time I treat myself like it. Keeping a positive mindset and loving everything about myself. Sometimes we can be our toughest critics. It’s time to stop caring about what everyone else thinks and know YOU ARE THAT GIRL. 

What inspires you each day?
My followers, I’ve built such an amazing community that uplifts each other. We believe in each other and know we can do anything we put our minds to. I had a rough upbringing, a young latinx kid with a ton of dreams that are finally becoming a reality and with a community that supports them. 

Which bag are you currently using and what essentials are currently in there? 
My pink MCM bookbag. I’ve had it since high school! It fits everything and is the perfect travel bag. 

1. My Airpod maxes to listen to Bad Bunny 25/8. It uplifts my mood, being able to start my day with Bad Bunny it brings all the good energy.

2. My Stanley cup, I don’t leave the house without it. I’m clearly an easily influenced queen. It’s always filled with water or a Liquid IV to stay hydrated 

3. My phone, I always need to record my adventures and update my baddies with all the fun and crazy things I do.

4. My boyfriend’s wallet for target runs. 

5. My summer fridays and fenty glosses I always need options! For example a pink gloss for everyday and a nude/brown gloss for date night.

6. Benetint rose tint, a bare face with tint on the lips and cheeks is my everyday routine. Makes me look and feel beautiful. 

7. Pads, I am that prepared friend if you need a pad, I got you bestie

8. My KLK VOS hoodie I’m a cold girly I always need a good jacket 

9. Mini portable JBL speaker because you never know when your friends want to vibe and have a dance party.

10. Kilian perfume and my Secret deodorant because in this miami heat you can’t leave the house without it

What are your favorite makeup brands right now?

Fenty beauty, Huda beauty, Charlotte tilbury, I just love supporting women. 

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