No Peeking: What’s In Beauty And Fashion Entrepreneur Chinaza Moses’ Ankara Tote

Get to know Fashion and Beauty Entrepreneur Chinaza Moses.

whats in my bag
Photo Credit: Monica Krystel Rose (@mkrshoots) / Photo Artwork: Joy Adaeze

Chinaza Moses is a force in the beauty and fashion world. She embodies style and grace with every project she touches and we’re inspired by her poise, kindness, and overall cool vibe. So, it was an honor to take a peek into her bag and chat about everything from favorite makeup brands to where she gets her confidence.

Reflect Beauty: What do you do and what do you love most about your career?

Chinaza Moses: I am an entrepreneur in the areas of fashion design, hair and makeup artistry. I have a fashion brand called C.Adeola and a beauty brand called C.Adeola Beauty. I love that I’m actually using my gifts and talents. I can truly say that I’m living out the purpose that God has set for me on this earth. One thing that I have always wanted to do was inspire and encourage others to follow their dreams, no matter what tries to come against them. So my journey in life has been just that, a testament to never giving up on myself and letting the Lord lead and guide my steps as my story unfolds.

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Here’s What’s In Chinaza’s Bag:

whats in my bag
Photo Artwork: Joy Adaeze

1. Sephora Colorful Gloss Balm in Hot Pants: It’s a berry tint and it’s my everyday gloss. It gives my lips a healthy look.

2. The Lip Bar Gloss in Headliner, Nicka K Lip Liners in Wild Cherry and Plum: Honestly I have them because I never know when I’ll need to reapply, so I just keep them in my bag just in case.

3. Airpods

4. Mace: I walk a lot in the city and I don’t have time for craziness, so I carry it just in case.

5. Ziploc Bag Of Nuts: I’m 100% a snacker lol.

6. Napkins: Since I was a young girlie my nose would run, so I try to keep tissues or napkins on me because I never know when I have to whip it out!

7. A Bottle Of Water: I’m a hydration girlie.

8. Cell Phone

9. Compact Mirror: People never tell you when things are on your face or if your lipstick smudges or something’s off on your face, so I spare people the responsibility and handle it myself.

10. Portable Fan: I’m super sweaty in the summer months so this is a MUST.

11. A Pouch Of Safety Pins, Bandaids, Rubbing Alcohol: Clothing and body emergencies can not be overlooked so these things stay on me!

RB: What bag are you currently wearing?

CM: I’m wearing a totebag from the Balogun Market in Nigeria. It’s made of Ankara fabric in the colors gold, red, dark blue, and white.

RB: What are your favorite makeup brands? 

CM: IlMakiage, Haus Labs, Juvia’s Place.

RB: What are some things about yourself that you find most beautiful?

CM: I find that I have the ability to not stay down for long. I do allow myself to feel and analyze situations that are unpleasant to me, but never stay there. I use it as fuel to get better and stronger.  I’m the walking sign of “He has given me beauty for ashes!” Physically, I love my whole face. Lol, when I look in the mirror I’m like, “God you really thought about this thing, didn’t you!” LOL.

RB: Where do you get your confidence?

CM: WOW!!!! My confidence is not my own. This particular subject has been a lifelong journey for me because you never really master the art of being fully confident. It changes with time and age. So one thing I learned in my 20’s after being bullied and made fun of my whole life was that the closer I got to the Lord, and my faith, the more it showed me who I am! Once I got a glimpse of who I am and was becoming, then I fell in love with myself. Accolades and jobs never defined me because God made sure that they didn’t last long enough to do that, so my roots of self-awareness and confidence are rooted in the truth of who I am in the eyes of God.

RB: What inspires you each day?

CM: Honestly, people are a big inspiration for me, in the sense of people just living their lives and existing. I want to find ways to improve/enhance life for others. Whether that’s making a garment or creating a beauty product to solve a problem. I’m constantly thinking of how I can help the process of someone’s life becoming better.