The Best Hair Dryers for Curly and Coily Hair Types

best blow dryers for natural hair
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It’s time to accept the truth: not all hair tools were made equally. And by that, we mean not all hair tools work on every hair type. Time and time again, natural-haired girls buy a viral dryer or straightener that promises sleek and shiny results, when in reality, the tool can’t handle thick hair and textured coils. 

We curly-haired girlies need styling tools that are made for our 4a to 4c hair; that can dry, style, and diffuse. I know such tools exist, but when the marketing for versatile dryers is outshined by more popular tools like the Dyson (no shade on them—I love their products too!), finding a dryer that’s curly hair guaranteed is hard. 

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Having textured hair is already a challenge in itself—the detangling, moisturizing, styling, um can you say high-maintenance—so lurking on the Internet to find a proper dryer is not something the natural hair community needs. 

Which is why I went ahead and found the five best hair dryers for natural hair that can do it all from styling your blowout to diffusing your wash-and-go. Read more to find the best hair dryer for your styling preferences and hair texture. 

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