The Battle of the Mousses

What if I said you can achieve super defined natural hair with just one product?

best mousse for natural hair
Photo Credit: Melanie Curry

Almost every kinky, curly-haired girl knows of the L.O.C. method: leave-in conditioner, oil, and cream. Most, including moi, have perfected a L.O.C. method for twist-outs, perm rod sets, braid-outs, and well, just about every curly hairstyle there is. But what if I said you can achieve a frizz-free, super-defined wash n’ go with just one product? Yep, skip the creams and oils and invest in a good mousse. 

YouTube University has told natural-haired girlies that the perfect styling method is L.O.C., but I promise you that a quality mousse is enough. When I started using The Doux for my twist-outs, my hair routine was cut down in half—and curly girlies know how important (!!) it is to save time on styling days. An added benefit to using a styling mousse over a curly cream is the small amount of build-up. Unlike curly creams and gels that can weigh your hair down, foams are super lightweight and can define your curls while also providing volume. 

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As always, remember to keep your hair texture and density in mind. While foams are generally safe for all hair types, thin and fine hair types can easily be weighed down if the formula isn’t lightweight enough. But, fear not, there are mousses in the market for even the finest of strands. 

Below, we’ve rounded up the five best mousses for every hair type and styling method.