2023’s Beauty Trends: A Year in Review

2023 beauty trends
Photo: Solange Knowles on Instagram; Artwork: Joy Adaeze

Another year, another time to look back at all the beauty trends that popped up on our feeds. 2023 was the year of microtrends because there were So. Many. Trends. Even if we don’t count the bazillion food-themed makeup aesthetics, there were still ‘90s and Y2K hair and makeup trends making resurgences bringing us new spins on old makeup looks like modern grunge glam with pencil-thin eyebrows and dark glossy lids, or preppy-girl wear with bow-accented nails and pearly headbands. 

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With 2023 closing out soon—three weeks but who’s counting?— we decided to look back at the best beauty trends this year. And because we beauty enthusiasts are excited to see what is coming in the new year (re: tired of the cringy culinary-themed makeup), we found the three beauty trends expected to make an appearance on your socials in the new year, and the best part is, none of them are named after food. 

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Mel Curry

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