4 Reasons to Get Dressed Everyday During the Pandemic

By Tammy of TheHitchConcept.com
 I used to dream of being able to work from home! I pictured myself with my hair up in a messy bun, a makeup-free face, and pajamas, with coffee at one end of the desk and a glass of wine at the other. Now that working from home has become an almost “permanent temporary” way of life, I realize those things might not be the best way to stay productive.
Keeps some sense of normalcy
Getting dressed is a crucial step in your daily routine. It’s tempting to stay in your pajamas while working from the comforts of your home, but keeping routine is imperative to productivity. At some point, the world will fully reopen so it’s important to maintain some of your pre-pandemic habits. Especially in the event of the inevitable impromptu zoom meeting.
Serves as a mental time clock
How we dress tells our mind and body what to prepare for next. Putting on work attire serves as an on switch sending a message to your body that it’s time to work and be engaged. But getting dressed for work at home doesn’t mean putting on a suit and tie or a dress with pumps. It should be practical and offer some comfort; you are at home after all. However, pajamas signal a time of rest and relaxation which in most cases, is not the desired mode while working. 
It affects your attitude about your work
Getting dressed with intention is almost as important as the work itself. Research shows clothing affects our psyche and influences our mood. There’s a reason different clothing is made for different occasions. Getting in “work mode” has an impact on your performance. Doing your hair, putting on makeup, if that’s your normal, will all impact your day. Makeup doesn’t have to be a full-court press beat complete with contouring and lashes. It can simply mean a healthy glow and minimal tint and perhaps mascara to provide the “awake and present” look. 
Being prepared is a confidence booster
Preparation gives a sense of empowerment and the confidence to own the room, even if it’s your own living room. How many times have you showed up to a meeting and forgot to bring your pen or notes?  That confidence level immediately drops because you’re not prepared. With so much uncertainty, some days can be rough, mentally.  It all goes back to how you feel and its direct correlation to performance. Putting on your favorite top and some lipstick may be just the boost you need. 
 At the end of the day, there are no hard fast rules. It won’t be the end of the world if you wear pajamas from sun up to sundown. We are all under tremendous amounts of stress right now and I completely advocate for doing what makes you feel good.  Enjoying not having the pressures of looking a certain way every day is a huge stress reliever. Perhaps once a week, go back to high school Spirit Week and make Wednesday, Pajama Day. Select days that you don’t have to interface with clients as your favorite team sports sweatshirt day.  Keeping it fun and light is the name of the game but maintaining a productive livelihood is imperative. So if you’re able to do both, then you’re already ahead of the game. 

Do you still get dressed every day?!