11 of the Hottest Beauty Trends for Spring 2023

Spring is here and these looks are all the beauty inspo you need to OWN the season.

Beauty influencer Yana C, @GoldyNaps, natural curls for spring
Photo Credit Yana C, @GoldyNaps

Spring has officially sprung, and we are here for it: Warmer weather, flowers blooming, and spring beauty trends are popping up on social media feeds everywhere. Case in point: These 11 beauty content creators have been rocking spring’s hottest beauty trends for weeks and inspiring us to experiment with vibrant hues, graphic designs, and classic, here-to-stay styles this season. 

Whether you’re just starting out on your beauty journey or you’re known to get adventurous with structural liner, there’s a spring beauty trend on this list for everyone’s taste and skill level. Keep scrolling to find your inspo.

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Shimmery Shadow

This spring, the spotlight is on you, and this shimmery eyeshadow makes it happen.

Floral Nails

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. But seriously, the ever-delicate, ethereal floral manicure is quintessentially spring, and we can’t help but love it.

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Lilac Lids

Intrigued by bold eyeshadow, but feeling too nervous to try? Take the first step into look-at-me beauty with a pretty-in-purple hue.

Diva Brows

A structural departure from the no-eyebrow trend we’ve spotted recently, these statement-making brows have made a comeback—and they are LOUD. 

Micro French Nails

A modern twist on a classic manicure, micro french nails keep things short and glossy—a goes-with-anything mani.

Graphic Liner

This makeup look is all about the graphic liner. It’s giving Twiggy’s signature look but taken up many notches with the Gen Z Eurphoria-esque style.

No-Makeup Makeup

The glazed skin trend prevails! Stay fresh-faced (or should we say, faux-fresh?) with a routine that prioritizes serums and moisturizes, and makeup that’s light and neutral.

Brown Lipstick

The ‘90s called and they want their makeup back—lucky for us, it’s here to stay. Made famous during the reign of TLC, Aaliyah, and combat boots, brown lipstick pairs perfectly with other warm neutrals.

Poppin’ Curls

Natural hair stays natural this spring, and we’re crushing hard!

Red Lipstick

Selena will always be the queen of the red lip—and the classic look remains a crowd-pleaser to this day. 

Slicked-Back Hair

Going on a coffee run? A date? Have an interview? Slicked-back hair with a center part is one of the most versatile hair trends.