Why You Need to Try Puppy Liner This Spring

Learn how to do Tiktok’s latest eyeliner trend

Pony Park models the Puppy Liner trend | Reflect Beauty
Photo: Pony Park Instagram

We love spotting fun, new makeup trends on TikTok. The latest? Puppy liner! This K-Beauty inspired trend gives the illusion of larger, more rounded eyes. Think: the same “puppy dog eyes” you get from your beloved pooch, but make it cute. 

Puppy liner is a makeup technique that creates a downward curve at the outer edge of the eye. It’s essentially the opposite of a cat eye, which has an upward shape and brings out your inner vixen.

Get the look in four easy steps, and then don’t forget to tag us on Instagram when you try it! 

How to Do the Puppy Liner Trend

Anyone can try this fun makeup look. Grab your favorite liner and follow these quick tips.

Step 1: Starting just above your top lash line, use an eyeliner to create a downturned line past your outer corner.

Step 2: On the bottom, draw a line that connects to the top liner.

Step 3: Fill the space in with eyeliner.

Step 4: Use white liner along your waterline. This step is optional but is a great finishing touch.

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Quick and Easy


quick puppy eyes / downturned liner tutorial 🐶🤎 featuring my eyeliner (link in bio) @mybeautybrand 🖤 #puppyeyes #puppyliner #downturnedeyeliner

♬ pain – 😘🙈☺️

Go super sleek with liquid liner and false lashes, keeping the rest of the look natural. 

PRO TIP: For hooded eye shapes, puppy liner can be a nice alternative to a cat eye as the curve follows a more natural shape.

Natural Vibes 


im innocent makeup 👼🏻 eyeliner shape makes such a huge difference, i drew it slightly more downturned and it makes my eyes look kinder / like a puppy eye look? 🥺 so much cuter!

♬ Kill Bill – SZA

Blending out a brown liner gives a demure and played-down look. 

Pretty and Polished 


Thanks Tik Tok for another quality makeup style inspo 👌#makeup #puppyeyeliner


Pink, glossy lips are a great complement to puppy liner. 

Let us know what you think of this darling trend in the comments below. 👇🏾