Meet OurX, The Natural Hair Care System That Puts Us First

Get to know OurX haircare, an innovative new way to care for textured hair.

OurX Hair Care
Photo Credit: Deun Ivory

I’ve been natural for almost 15 years and getting to know my natural hair has been a beautiful yet ongoing process. Natural hair went from being overlooked in the hair community to oversaturated, with many brands looking to profit from the ever-growing market. 

One thing for me that’s always been of top priority was getting to know what my hair needed and making wash days less stressful. My hair type is 4c and super thick so learning how to care for it the right way is key to its health. Choosing the right natural hair products these days can feel daunting since most brands group together all hair types instead of catering to its individual needs.   

OurX Haircare
Photo Credit: Brand

I recently found out about a new natural hair care system called OurX that wants to “take the guesswork out of my wash days.” This intrigued me so I read up on them. OurX is a Black-owned hair care brand that’s focused on textured hair and is founded by entrepreneur Ceci Kurzman, a beauty industry vet. On their site, she states that “OurX was founded to course-correct the ways in which we recognize, validate, and create for the textured hair consumer.” This was music to my ears.

I was also impressed by the team of experts brought on to lend their expertise to OurX. On hand is celebrity hairstylist to former first lady Michelle Obama, Johnny Wright, board certified dermatologist Dr. Jenna Lester, and curl educator and hairstylist Cataanda James. Years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Wright at an event and talking to him about all things hair was definitely a highlight. I was excited to try out a brand that he was getting behind.

OurX Haircare
Photo Credit: Brand

Upon first glance at the website, there’s a feeling of being catered to which is always a breath of fresh air to someone with natural hair. Many times it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what products to choose but things felt different here. OurX offers a fun and (very) comprehensive 37-part questionnaire in order to get to know your unique hair concerns. For example, questions like density and dryness are asked and there are tips and videos throughout to help you answer them. 

At the end, you get a completely personalized care plan that is unique to you—from the regimen that works for my hair needs and goals to the types of products I should be using. It definitely made me feel special and seen. My plan consisted of OurX’s Nutrient Cleanse Complex, Scalp Purifying Solution, Intensive Conditioning Compound, and a Treatment Leave-In. I love that it all comes with four reusable vessels to put the product in. Smart and sustainable. Standout ingredients include squalene, phyto-peptides, and hyaluronic acid. 

Having natural hair can feel complex and I love that OurX’s goal is to bring ease and confidence to the process. I was even set up with a hair coach who I can meet with 1:1 to discuss my hair concerns, how to use my products, and anything else I might need addressed. 

I’ll report back once I try the recommended hair regimen and products, but so far, I can say that this experience has been different from anything else out there. Stay tuned!