The 5 Best Glueless Wigs For Beginners

Here are our five favorite glueless wigs.

best glueless wigs
Photo Artwork: Joy Adaeze (using Unice Hair)

In the last several years we’ve seen a huge evolution when it comes to wigs. Years ago, wigs were something our mom, aunt or grandmother wore. Younger women of color leaned typically towards sew-in and quick weave styles to serve as an effective protective style. As time flew, so did the change in how wigs were constructed. More thought was placed on them appearing more realistic, many with textures that matched our own beautiful natural hair. Wigs were starting to come into their own and we had a front seat with tutorial videos on Youtube and in more recent years, Tiktok.

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As the demand for wigs grew, so did the need for them to cater to the different needs of women. With the many steps it takes to install a lace front wig, even the most thorough tutorials could be intimidating to beginners. The bleaching of the knots, tinting of lace and then securing it with wig glue not only takes time but a certain level of experience. That’s when glueless wigs entered the chat. And these aren’t your glueless wigs from 2019— today’s pre-cut lace, pre-bleached knots and pre-plucked hairline version come absolutely ready-to-wear out of the box.

Here are our current favorites straight from Tiktok.

OQ Hair


Edges Gone Baby Them Combs In Your Wigs Are A NO NO Learn From Me … GO GLUELESS‼️ @OQHAIR #tiktokshop #oqhair #tiktokmademebuyit #tiktokstore

♬ original sound – Jay Monique
Getting ready for date night and pressed for time when it comes to glam? No worries, OQ Hair’s Wear And Go Glueless Wig’s have you covered in the hair department. This wig features pre-cut lace, pre-bleached knots and a pre-tweezed hairline. All that’s left to do is to put it on and go. Tiktok creator Iamjaymonique hilariously took us through date night prep with minutes to spare and the end result was nothing short of flawless.

Unice Hair


Now that’s quick & wast! Link in video!! @unicehair @unicehairofficial #unicehair #unicehairofficial #weargowig #gluelesswig

♬ original sound – Lynee Monae

Want to add a burst of color to your look? Try this curly burgundy glueless wig by Unice Hair. This fun and eye catching unit comes pre-plucked with an added option of having the knots bleached. Tiktok creator Lynee_monae added some quick face framing layers to this look and it’s definitely on our list.

BGM Girl Hair

Honey Blonde Deep Wave Wig


I can’t lie @bgmgirlhair @bgmgirlhair_ legit has the best glueless wigs 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 #AXERatioChallenge #fyp #gluelesswig #gluelesswiginstall #closurewig #gluelessclosurewig #deepwavewig

♬ hookah by tyga – 🎵

They say blondes have more fun and when it comes to this BGM Girl Hair honey blonde deep wave glueless wig, they weren’t lying. Tiktok creator Finessaluxehair installed this unit and added some baby hairs to the mix. So pretty!

Straight Middle Part Wig


Pre bleached pre plucked pre cut pre everything 😩 @bgmgirlhairofficial @Bgmgirlhair im keeping this one ! #wigtutorial #wiginstall #gluelesswig #gluelesswigtutorial #wigtok #hairtok #prebleachedwig #bgmhair

♬ original sound – lauren

A flawless wig install can be quick and easy thanks to BGM Girl Hair’s straight middle part wig which comes with a pre-cut lace, pre-bleached knots and a pre-tweezed hairline. Tiktok creator Finessaluxehair looked beautiful in this glueless unit.


This ISEE Hair glueless wig features black silky texture with a middle part. It also comes with a pre-cut lace, pre-bleached knots and a pre-tweezed hairline for a quick and seamless install as seen here on Tiktok creator Angela.slique.

Which one of these wigs would you try? Let us know in the comments below!