Try Jennie From BLACKPINK’S Skincare Routine

Check out Jennie from Blackpink’s skincare routine.

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Photo Artwork: Joy Adaeze

As part of K-pop’s biggest girl group, a Chanel global ambassador, and Lily Rose Depp’s co-star in HBO’s The Idol, Jennie from BLACKPINK is never not flawless. One of her beauty signatures is her luminous glass skin, but what’s surprising is how simple and attainable Jennie’s skincare routine is. 

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From K-beauty basics to a particular kind of bone broth, here’s how to get Jennie’s A-list glow (Chanel bag not included, sadly.)

Double Cleansing

Jennie is a proponent of this K-beauty essential. Double cleansing means first removing makeup with an oil-based cleanser or micellar water, followed by a gentle, water-based cleanser to get rid of any leftover debris or pollutants. For anyone who wears a lot of makeup (hello, red carpet), double cleansing is how to get a really deep clean so your skin is ready for the next steps of your routine.

Face Masks


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Another K-beauty classic, face masks are the fastest way to get skin super-hydrated and deliver potent ingredients that target whatever you’re trying to achieve with your skin. Jennie has talked about how she would use up to two face masks a day to maintain her radiant skin, but she now uses them as needed. 

Bath Salt Scrubs

It’s not just the face she takes care of. Jennie’s a fan of exfoliating her body with bath salts, followed by major hydration to keep her whole body smooth.

Chicken (Feet) Soup

Jennie starts her day with a detox green juice and chicken feet soup. While it sounds a little unappetizing, a broth made with chicken feet is full of anti-aging collagen. Is it any wonder Jennie’s skin is like a baby’s? She also stays hydrated throughout the day with water, teas and fresh juices and avoids salty foods to prevent bloating.

Facial Icing

Jennie’s chilly beauty secret for big events is to get a bucket of ice and ice her face. This can reduce swelling, puffiness and under-eye bags because the cold helps drain fluids from the lymphatic system. Icing also constricts the blood vessels which can make pores look smaller and brighten the face temporarily.

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