Edelweiss Is The Latest “It” Ingredient, But Is It Suitable For Dark Skin?

Is edelweiss suitable for dark skin tones?

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Photo Credit: Jim Nyamao

Edelweiss is a wildflower with an incredible ability to grow and thrive in heightened weather conditions (up to 3,000 meters above the sea). The star-shaped flower can grow under intense UV radiation, strong winds, and extreme temperatures due to its capacity to produce high amounts of antioxidants. And because of this, suddenly Edelweiss is everywhere in skincare! But is it suitable for dark skin? Let’s figure it out.

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Edelweiss Benefits For Skin

Edelweiss is loaded with high quantities of antioxidant molecules including leontopodic acid and flavonoids. Science has shown that the strong antioxidant activity of Edelweiss extract can protect skin cells from UV radiation. In fact, studies show that Edelweiss can regulate the expression of several human genes in keratinocytes, which are the main type of cell in human skin. They can help skin cells to have a better ability to retain moisture, inhibit the production of collagen-degrading enzymes, and reduce inflammation upon UV exposure.

Skincare ingredients need to be tested in actual human participants to prove their efficacy under real conditions. Edelweiss extract was tested in 21 female volunteers for four weeks to evaluate the extract’s effect on facial lifting, periorbital wrinkles, and skin elasticity. The results showed that constant application of Edelweiss extract can provide skincare benefits like promoting healthy-looking skin, slowing the appearance of visible signs of aging, and preserving collagen integrity for smooth, elastic, and rejuvenated skin.

Is Edelweiss Suitable For Dark Skin Tones?

Levels of antioxidants in the body decrease with age making the skin more susceptible to photodamage. People with dark skin tones are even more prone to have hyperpigmentation problems and the use of antioxidants is usually recommended.  

So, yes! Edelweiss would be a great option for people with dark skin to help prevent the formation of undesirable hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Antioxidants can be found either in serums or creams, so make sure to apply them after cleansing your face and before sunscreen. Although antioxidants can be used morning and night, they are even better at protecting your skin from UV radiation during the day.

Edelweiss vs. Vitamin C

If you’re wondering if you should replace your Vitamin C serum for a skincare product with Edelweiss extract, we would say it depends.  Vitamin C (in the pure form of ascorbic acid) has been extensively studied and has been proven to reduce hyperpigmentation, increase antioxidant levels on the skin, and boost collagen production.  However, some people find Vitamin C products to be quite irritating, and preventing irritation should be your number one concern since irritation can lead to hyperpigmentation.

So, if you’re sensitive to Vitamin C, Edelweiss is a good alternative as an antioxidant. It is generally well-tolerated by all skin types and is less likely to cause irritation, making it suitable for those with eczema or sensitive skin.