Can You Replace Botox with Banana Peels?

Learn how a banana peel may give botox-like results.

banana peel facial
Photo Artwork: Joy Adaeze

Everyone wants beautiful, flawless skin, but did you ever think you were just one banana peel away from a radiant face? Popular TikTok creator Jen Jones, the self-proclaimed Plant-Based Queen, took to her page recently to share this game-changing skin hack.

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The time I was featured on the Drew Barrymore show for my banana peel hack! Glowing skin by @nevéll_skin/ Coffee Infused coffee oil! This is the only moisturizer I use! Please allow 2 weeks for shipping. #bananapeel #bananapeelbotox #antiaging #bananapeelforskin

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How To Do A Banana Facial

In the clip, Jen says to take a banana and use the inside of the peel to rub onto clean skin for about one minute. The inside of a banana peel contains antioxidants, and can also help to moisturize and reduce redness in the skin. It is also said to prevent wrinkles. Ok, we’re listening. 

After letting the banana sit on your skin for 10 minutes, use a warm towel to remove and then apply your favorite moisturizer.

Why Bananas Help Your Skin

Aside from antioxidants, bananas contain vitamins, zinc and potassium. Potassium can reduce puffiness in the skin by helping support hydration and counteract fluid retention. And get this—bananas also contain silica, a mineral that plays an important role in collagen synthesis. A definite win-win for the skin!

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