The Brown Girl’s Guide to Sweater Nails

sweater nails
Photo Credit: Instagram; Artwork: Joy Adaeze

‘Tis the season of cuffing and all things cozy, like your favorite fuzzy socks, hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and Home Alone streaming on your laptop. To add to the list this year are sweater nails, which perfectly tread the line between cozy and chic. Sweater nails are exactly what they sound like: your favorite knit pattern—from cable to Fair Isle—topping your fingernails.

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Texture is key when it comes to sweater nails. To create the 3-D texture, you (or your nail tech) need to use gel nail polish and loose acrylic powder, with the help of a fine nail brush and a dotting tool. While it looks complicated, this is a manicure you can easily do at home—with a little practice.

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Sweater nails come in seasonal colors like winter whites, forest greens and wine reds, but matte pastels and even metallics take sweater nails from cozy to fab. They’re also super versatile and look great on every nail shape, whether you’re a short squoval kind of girl or all-stilettos-all-the time. Sweater nails are designed to impress when you finally decide to come out of your hygge hibernation.

Of course TikTok’s all over it, with plenty of tutorials and inspo to get you started. Scroll for your next sweater nails!

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Maggie Kim Writer | Reflect Beauty
Maggie Kim

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