Visionaries in Belleza: TikToker-Turned-Too Faced Creative Director, Sara Echeagaray

To kick off our Visionaries in Belleza series, we spoke with Sara Echeagaray about her personal growth and partnership with Too Faced.

Sara Echeagaray is a master at weaving her passions together. She translated her lifelong love for theater and acting into talent as a content creator starting in 2020, amassing over 8 million followers on TikTok and Instagram, and then as an actress on the Disney Plus show, “Big Shot.” 

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This year, the 22-year-old continues expanding her professional horizons as TooFaced Cosmetics’ first-ever creative director in residence. The new role has allowed Echeagaray to grow deeper connections with her social media followers and offline audiences through new conversations about beauty. 

“When I took on this role it was a priority for me that I make young Latinas feel seen and heard in beauty.”

To kick off our Visionaries in Belleza series in celebration of Latinx leaders in the beauty industry, we spoke with Echeagaray about her personal growth, beauty inspiration, her partnership with Too Faced, and of course, a glimpse of the beauty staples currently in her bag.

Reflect Beauty: Give us a glimpse of a day in the life of Too Faced’s first Creative Director in Residence! 

Sara Echeagaray: The day-to-day as Too Faced’s Creative Director in Residence is so fun and is always different! Usually, we have meetings to discuss content creation and brainstorm, which is so exciting for me because creating content has always been something I love to do. So now being able to do that alongside a beauty brand and really inject my Gen Z point of view has been really fulfilling. 

My favorite event we’ve done to date has been the Maple Syrup Lip Injection Maximum Plump brunch we did to celebrate the launch of the gloss. Everything was so cute (I love a good aesthetic moment!) and well thought out. I also got to connect with a lot of super sweet and incredible people in beauty there too, which I really loved and appreciated since a lot of what I do is online. I really valued that face time.

RB: How has this role with Too Faced helped you grow professionally in your career as a creator and actress? 

SE: The role with Too Faced has helped me a lot in my career as both a creator and actress because it’s taught me how to step out of my comfort zone, and in turn, has also opened me up to a whole new set of skills in terms of networking, creative curating, team building, and so much more. Also, working with a team of people who really, genuinely believe in me and value my point of view has done wonders for my imposter syndrome. In a way, I feel like it’s shifted my way of thinking and confidence both in my professional and personal life. I went from “Why would they choose me?” to being like “Wait, why WOULDN’T they choose me?” And that’s been a really powerful transformation for me, especially as a young Latina entering her 20s. 

RB: How do you elevate the voices of your community through your work? 

SE: I try to think about my community in everything I do. I consider them in my content, and in my decision-making. Like, “What would they want to see?” or “What makeup would they want to wear?”. When I took on this role it was a priority for me that I make young Latinas feel seen and heard in beauty and knowing I had the power to do that, there was no way I would pass up that opportunity. 

RB: Who has been the most influential on your beauty routine?

SE: My sister without a doubt! I owe my obsession with beauty today entirely to her. She was always a beauty junkie growing up and taught me everything I know. Funny enough, the first foundation I ever used I borrowed from her, and it was the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation! It’s really interesting to look back at that moment and reflect on this collaboration with them. I think we manifested it without even realizing it and it’s been special to share this full-circle moment with her. 

RB: Which makeup products are in your purse right now? 

SE: The products I’ve been loving the most and carry with me everywhere are the Too Faced Lip Injection Maximum Plump (because… duh), the Cloud Crush Blush in the shade Candy Clouds, and the Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara. I don’t really have big lips so I love to carry around the gloss with me whenever I need a little extra plump. Also, did you know that blush is the first thing in your makeup to fade?! When I found out I started to take my Cloud Crush Blush with me everywhere so I can refresh my cheeks and give them some color throughout the day. The best part is that I have a little pouch to carry it all in so it’s not thrown around in my purse because they’re available in my exclusive bundle with the brand, the Sara’s Favorite Things Kit!