The Battle of the Mousses

What if I said you can achieve super defined natural hair with just one product?

Best for Adding Volume: SexyHair Big Root Pump Plus Volumizing Spray Mousse

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Styling mousses will define, but won’t always add volume. So, if you want frizz-free curls and volume, I recommend the SexyHair Big Root Pump Plus Volumizing Spray Mousse. Side note: you can get volume from a diffuser and a comb too, but if you’re lazy (lol, me), then this product is for you. 

The SexyHair foam can be used in tangent with your styling mousse or separately. It mainly targets your roots to add thickness and lifting and has a super neat nozzle for you to directly apply the product onto your scalp. 

Now, will you get a bouncy and defined curl with the SexyHair foam alone? Eh, probably not if you have thick strands. So, my advice is to use this bb only after styling with a defining mousse, so you can have both bouncy curls and a lifted mane. 

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