#5Minuteswith Keri & Yara Shahidi

Keri & Yara Shahidi
Keri & Yara Shahidi
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Keri Shahidi is a celebrated actress, producer, fitness queen, wife, and proud mother. One of Keri’s talented “babies” is Yara Shahidi; this duo is each other’s biggest fans!  Yara is slaying the industry with her breakout role in Blackish, and on her own spinoff show, Grownish, but I still remember lil’ Yara in Imagine That (I recently watched it with my kiddos)!  A vocal social activist and philanthropist, Yara is a beacon of light for her generation.  In honor of Mother’s Day, I had the pleasure of a virtual sit-down with the accomplished, stunningly gorgeous, and highly relatable mother-daughter duo.  And all I can say is that they radiate Love and perfectly reflect each other’s awesome! 

On their morning routines…
Keri: I start my day with a Nespresso, a cup of water, and some solitary time. I go through my list of what and who I am grateful for, while I have my coffee.  Quarantine has just allowed me to deepen my morning routine.
Yara: I start the day the way I end it, listening to a podcast!  I love the On Being by Krista Tippett, because she has wonderful conversations around humanity and how we move through the world.  I also start my day with hot tea (Persian)!  More time at home has allowed me to up my self-care!

On becoming the best versions of themselves… 
Keri and Yara: We feel like iterations of one another, just born decades apart! I would have to say that we are always in deep discussion around “what matters”, and we continue to land on the same thing.  Being of service.  So just by centering our work and home lives on being of service to family, friends, and our communities, local and global, we remain pretty happy- and that shines through! 

On biggest lessons learned in 2019…
Keri: My biggest lesson was really old school-ENJOY THE JOURNEY.  2019 was wonderful! We had the opportunity to work with incredibly talented humans, and begin our production company.  We are full steam ahead and having the time of our lives!
Yara: My biggest lesson is in saying No more often.  If I could, I would say yes to every request, every opportunity, and every obligation, but 2019 taught me to be more discerning – which has allowed me to bring more of myself to all that I do.

On current reads…
Keri: I am reading The Souls of Black Folk by W.E.B. Dubois and To Keep the Sun Alive by Rabbeah Ghaffari- excellent!
Yara: I am just starting 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  My mama is fluent in Spanish and loves his writing – so I am always excited about a personal recommendation.

On staying centered while social distancing…
Keri: Take a peek at my Instagram, @chocolatemommyluv!  I am working full-time with our production company, exercising (jump roping with @taibauchamp) exercise class with @katiecakecakecakecake, and just starting riding my Peloton!  When I calculate the investment in my health, it totals just over an hour! Not bad!  I am also stress-baking, so lots of sweets at home!
Yara: I am spending as much time as possible soaking up Vitamin D, while I am working, reading, and exercising.  I spend a lot of time on the East Coast, so I am grateful for the sun and my family.

On what’s up next…
Be on the lookout for our production company, 7th Sun Productions! 

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