7 Y2K-Inspired Manicures That Will Bring You A Dose Of Nostalgia

See why y2k nails are the hottest trend right now.

y2k nails
Photo Artwork: Joy Adaeze

Like all things in fashion and beauty, what goes around comes back around. Y2K trends have made a huge comeback in the past few years for better—and maybe worse.

Sure, there are probably some trends from the early aughts that you would prefer to leave in the past (see: low-rise jeans and frosted lips), but now there are different ways to rock these trends without having to visit your high school wardrobe. Case in point: these nail trends below are a fun way to incorporate the best of Y2K and rev up those nostalgic feelings, whether you experienced them the first time or not.

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Colorfully Wild

Who didn’t love shopping for Lisa Frank school supplies as a kid? These zebra nails will take you back to when your biggest decision was choosing between Markie, the unicorn, and Rory, the polar bear.

Classic French

Effortless, chic, and dare I say timeless? I’m not sure why French manicures became out of style, but there’s something about this look that feels so polished (no pun intended). While the white tips will always be a go-to, you can modernize the French manicure by opting for a color tip, like pink, black, or metallic.

Flower Power

Remember when glitter pens were a thing? These sparkly, floral nails will bring you back to the days of doodling all over your notebook.

Surfer Girl

These nails combine two big Y2K trends. First are the hibiscus florals, inspired by the 2000s surfer girl trend. Then, the chrome effect gives these nails a futuristic aesthetic that we all were rocking when the new millennium hit.


Bejeweled and Dazzling

We were bedazzling everything in the 2000s, from phones to jeans to jackets, and nails were no different. 3D decals were a big nail trend back in the Aughts. Grab glue and add some gems, stones, or charms to make your nails really stand out.

Mirror Mirror

At the time, entering the new millennium felt like something from a sci-fi movie. The rise of digital technology also influenced fashion and pop culture to take on a futuristic aesthetic. (See: TLC No Scrubs music video). Hence, why metallics and chrome nails became so popular.

Pretty in Pink

It’s no secret that pink is having a moment in 2023 (thanks, Barbie!), but back in the Aughts, bubblegum pink was everywhere. The 2000s allowed us to mix and match colors, prints, and textures in such an unapologetic way, and these nails do exactly just that.

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