5 Innovative Braid Styles You Need To Try Now

The best braid styles of 2023.

Best braid styles
Photo Artwork: Joy Adaeze

There are braid styles that are true works of art and make you take a second look. Innovative styles that push boundaries and create new trends. That’s the feeling we get when we see Hair by Susy on Instagram. Hair by Susy was founded by Nigerian-American Susy Oludele who is one of the most creative figures in the NYC hair industry. Her past clients include Beyonce and Solange.

Susy’s work can be described as wearable art and it commands your attention. Here are five innovative braid styles you can find at Hair by Susy, located in both Brooklyn and LA.

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Braided Bob

A take on the 90s classic, Hair by Susy put their twist on bob braids by adding gold beads, jumbo plaits and vibrant hues.

Mullet Knotless Braids

We’ve seen mullet’s come back in style in the last year but have you seen mullet knotless braids? Yeah, we hadn’t either until we found ourselves scrolling Hair By Susy’s instagram. One of the salon’s braider’s, Jah created this blond mullet masterpiece, framing her client’s face beautifully. This style is definitely for the girl that wants to stand out and shine.

Braided Balls 


This style as seen on Susy herself is truly a form of wearable art. Her stylist, Phyllis Princia of Annointed Braiders used Susy’s brand of pink fuchsia braiding hair to achieve this fun, eyecatching look. For trendsetters only.

Braided Bangs With Layers

We love how Hair by Susy pushes the boundaries of braids. This layered style, complete with bangs is a testament to the salon’s boundless creativity and vision.

Ivy Braids / Ivy Twists / Ivy Locs

Susy’s salon created and trademarked Ivy Braids. It’s a protective style for people who want a more natural look. The hairstyle is lightweight and can be achieved by using Hair By Susy’s pre-stretched braiding hair or their Zuzu spring twist hair.

We are so inspired to try one of these looks this season! Which style caught your eye? Leave your answers in our comment section!