Fall 2023 Beauty Trends Are In Full Swing, Here’s What to Know

Here are the Fall 2023 makeup trends you need to know.

Fall 2023 makeup trends
Photo Artwork: Joy Adaeze

Summer days are dwindling down, which means fall’s around the corner, bringing with it cooler weather and everything that entails: cute sweaters, PSL’s, and lots of new beauty looks to try.   

To ensure you’re ahead of the game and can start prepping for that new fall haircut you’ll be sporting soon, we’ve compiled five trends everyone will be into this upcoming autumn.

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Bare Skin

With skin health at the forefront, bare skin makeup is not going anywhere. Nude eyeliner, little to no foundation, and showing off all those pretty natural features is the new it look. If that means less time getting ready in the morning, we’re down. 

Cream blushes, golden bronze tones, and the less is more aesthetic are walking alongside us into Fall 2023. 

Bold Lip Liner 

Bare skin and a bold lip? Sounds fun! Liner has always been around, but we’re getting even bolder with the colors this fall. 

Dark liners with a bold lip combination or making the lip liner stand out with nude lipstick, similar to how makeup artist Evy exhibits below. Find her exact combination in the post.  

Copper Strands

What screams fall more than a new cut and color? If you’re in the mood for a change, this fall’s copper strands may be for you. Soft and angelic, this copper color shines in the sun and will certainly match all your favorite sweaters. 

The beautiful Scatty Lu shows off her copper locks: 

Eyeshadow Sticks 

There’s a reason shadow sticks are a great starter cosmetic: They’re just so easy and fun. RARE Beauty just released an entire collection of fall-themed eyeshadow sticks to match your pumpkin photo shoots, and we have a feeling other brands will follow suit. 

These can be applied for a full coverage look or even with a finger for more of a simple lid. 

Glam Grunge 

Glam grunge is in full swing for fall; Think smokey eyes, shimmery lids, dark lip shades, and fierce eyeliner. We’ll be bringing back our black nail polish and goth stockings. 

Find the beautiful Jodie Smith rocking the Glam Grunge vibes we aspire to achieve: 

Which Fall 2023 beauty trend are you excited to try? Let us know in the comment section!