5 Emerging Latinx Designers That Should Be On Your Radar

Get to know these rising designers who are changing the fashion game.

Emerging LatinX Designers
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More and more Latinx designers are claiming their space in fashion — and the fashion world is taking note. They are channeling their distinctive cultural heritages within the pan-Latin community to give us looks to serve on the runway, in the boardroom, or a night on the town.

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Of course, most of us know Oscar de la Renta. The discourse of American fashion could not be complete without the Dominican-born designer whose formalwear helped define the standards of elegance and ascended American fashion on the global stage. Yet, while he kept close ties to his hometown, his Latin roots and influences were often overlooked or American-washed.

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we want to help shine the light on five rising Latinx designers and their cultural heritage that have helped shape their distinctive aesthetics and forward-thinking designs.

Swipe through to learn more about these designers who are putting their own touches on the fashion world through their personal journeys and manifold experiences.

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