3 Tech Brands That Are Changing The Face Of Beauty

Beauty tech is serving up major vibes in 2022.

beauty tech
Photo Credit: Ali Pazani/Pexels

It’s the year of the metaverse and we are all looking at ourselves in the (smart) mirror. With the expansion of tech into a multitude of genres, big brands are also reflecting on how this digital reality will impact and empower the beauty industry.

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With a huge surge in demand over the last couple of years, beauty brands are placing their bets on tech. They are integrating high-touch tech apps, AI- and AR-powered technologies and diagnostics, and other innovations into their product lines. They’re helping us pick out our perfect shades, discover new must-haves, and even get dressed virtually.

Of course, we knew these changes would be an evolutionary win, but we are definitely inspired by how well the industry has matched diverse beauty needs with tech on a whole new level.

Here are three brands that have dived deep into the meta world and are crushing it: 

Meta Facebook beauty shopping
Photo Credit: Meta


The company formerly known as Facebook expanded its reach and is helping to pivot the beauty industry. Since rebranding, Meta is already at work, building key partnerships with BIPOC beauty bosses like Jackie Aina. The Nigerian American entrepreneur amassed a following with her YouTube beauty tutorials and content went on to launch several collabs with Anastasia Beverly Hills and Too Faced. She is now serving face with her own fragrance and lifestyle brand, Forvr Mood. META will be working with Aina to develop a virtual shopping experience through a branded metaverse. And looking at their trajectory, they won’t be the last to do it.

Perfect Corp X NFT
NFT Virtual Try-On / Photo Credit: Perfect Corp.

Perfect Corp. 

When Perfect Corp. dropped YouCam Apps nearly a decade ago, we knew they were on the verge of something amazing. Picture-perfect selfies were a no-brainer. Now, six apps and a decade of AI/AR integrations with huge brands later, this metaverse-ready beauty tech brand is still on the cutting edge and making moves with brands like KATE Tokyo, Estee Lauder, and ELF Cosmetics already on board.

Most recently, the company launched the first-ever virtual try-on NFT collection for consumers to virtually interact with the digital assets. Be on the lookout to see how this and other beauty brand integrations with YouCam continue to evolve.

Photo Credit: Dreset


The name says it all! This might just be the best 30-minute break for beauty and fashion aficionados. From hot beach looks to red carpet events, Drest is one of the most fun glamified apps we’ve seen to date for testing and purchasing (mostly high-end) makeup and fashion products! This app has already solidified partnerships with Nars and Gucci Beauty to help you pull out all the stops no matter where you land on the globe! 

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