7 Must-Haves To Make Your Shower Feel Like An At-Home Spa 

Turn your bathroom into a zen oasis with just a few essentials.

woman in shower spa
Photo Credit: Rido81

Self-care is such a necessary part of overall mental wellness, but sometimes it can feel like there’s never enough time to truly pamper yourself. It can also feel like you have to go on Instagram-worthy spa retreats or take the day off for luxury treatments in order to experience self-care.

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While those things are amazing when you have the time (and the coins), true self-care doesn’t have to be that big. Self-care can also happen in the small, everyday moments that you create for yourself at home, simply because you deserve it, sis.

And, it’s not that hard to do. Did you know you could turn your private bathroom into your personal zen oasis with just a few essentials? Here are seven must-haves to choose from to help make your shower at home feel just as glam as a day at the spa. 

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