5 PerfumeTok Creators You Should Know

Making good scents

Han Tang PerfumeTok Creator | ReflectBeauty
Photo Credit: Han Tang on Instagram

For too long, the perfume industry has been an elitist, exclusive space—operated primarily by white men from France and accessible only to those with means and connections. This is changing slowly, and in no small part due to the emergence of #PerfumeTok, a diverse community of creators who make the world of perfume more approachable through their genuine and entertaining fragrance content. Their videos leave the reassuring impression that with enough passion and enthusiasm, anyone can become a part of the perfume world: no upturned noses here. 

If you’re one to tune into your sense of smell—or if you’re simply intrigued by the premise—we invite you to check out these five underrated women of color #PerfumeTok creators. They’ll lead you down some wonderfully fragrant rabbit holes. May your wallet beware (and your nose rejoice).

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Vanessa, @tensecondperfumereviews

For those who prefer haikus to essays, Vanessa creates the perfect sniff-sized perfume reviews: quick first impressions of popular fragrances, with imaginative (yet precise!) notes like “pink Starbursts,” “cinnamon bubblegum,” and “dryer sheets.” With a demeanor and voice reminiscent of your most calming friend or favorite therapist, she is the definition of a comfort watch.


V.S.O.P. by @mackngnosh. Vibe: a night out, a jacket draped over your shoulders, cocktails by candlelight, gold everything. #mackngnosh #vsop #nicheperfumes #nichefragrances #boozyperfume #saffronperfume #cinnamonperfume #fragrancereviewers

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Jade, @jadealycebod

If the convoluted prose of perfume marketing is offputting to you, Jade’s straight-talk content might be right up your alley. Her channel features thoughtful, detailed reviews of new releases, spotlights on Black-owned businesses in beauty and fragrance, and chatty get-ready-with-me videos. A special shoutout to her ongoing series ✨Appointments✨, where she recommends perfumes for those special occasions. (The girls that get it, get it.)

Valerie, @thenichesampler

What about lyrical perfume reviews with a side of ASMR? True to her username, Valerie’s channel spotlights primarily niche perfume brands from Europe, where she resides. Her content is a dreamy blend of aesthetic unboxings, soft-spoken perfume reviews, and recommendations for niche alternatives to popular fragrances. She’s a great source for perfume launches before they arrive in North America (European releases are always ahead of the curve), which she always reviews with cheeky wit, in a breezy, elegant rasp. 

Han, @theperfumemenagerie 

If you’re interested in the overlap between perfume, history, and religion, Han is your girl. Her enthusiasm for all things perfume is infectious. Her channel features a mix of perfume reviews (with a focus on independent and niche perfume brands), hyper-specific perfume recommendations (smell like Helen of Troy, anyone?), and incisive commentary on the problematic, appropriative aspects of the perfume industry.


Yogi, @sleeplesscents 

For perfume recommendations with less of a Euro-centric lens, look no further than Yogi’s channel. Her videos frequently spotlight perfumes from Southeast Asian brands and perfumers, as well as the traditional perfume oils and attars that she grew up wearing. As a fan of an accessible approach to perfume collecting, she also creates weekly sample round-ups with her impressions jotted in the margins. It’s a refreshing alternative to the overwhelming shelves of perfume we’re used to seeing from luxury fragrance influencers.


attar is one of the oldest forms of perfume and i’ve talked about it before here @sleeplesscents i’m glad it’s being recognized more! #perfume #perfumetok #fragrancetok #southasian #desitok #browngirl #historytok #vogue

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