The Best Summer Glow Up Tips From Celeb Makeup Artist Nam Vo

The Best Summer Glow Job Tricks From Celebrity Makeup Artist Nam Vo to Try This Summer
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The colder months were perfect for adding warmth to your face with moody bronzers and wine-stained lips. But now that spring is here, there’s no better time to incorporate brighter pops of color with a pearlescent sheen into your makeup routine. 

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Celebrity makeup artist Nam Vo is no stranger to the glow game and isn’t afraid of a hot pink blush. The makeup hacks she shares with her dewy dumplings community on Instagram are the type of secrets that’ll give you a special “je ne sais quoi.” To help you capture your perfect dewy look this summer, we compiled some of Vo’s most coveted glow up tips.

Create a dewy effect

Vaseline’s multi-purpose petrolatum jelly is not only great for soothing chapped lips; it’s also a highly affordable and easy way to give yourself a glossy, dewy finish. Use Vo’s hack: Lightly swipe a highly pigmented bright red lipstick on your cheek and layer it on with a touch of concealer and Vaseline. Using a synthetic foundation or blush brush, vigorously blend the lipstick, concealer, and Vaseline until you have a light pink sheen on your cheeks. 

Serve up some sweet pink cheeks

Nailing down baby doll cheeks might look simple, but it actually requires the right layers and the proper technique. In this video, Vo works her magic to achieve her signature dewy cheeks using some of her go-to products. 

First up, Vo draws a horizontal line from the edge of her cheekbone toward the center with the darker shade of Tom Ford’s Shade and Illuminate Cream Countour Duo and blends it with Charlotte Tilbury’ Hollywood Complexion brush Then, she taps the apples of her cheeks some of Beaubble’s Cherry Blossom Cushion Blush to infuse some bright color and sets it with Valentino’s Starstud Eye and Cheek Blush in a peachy gold color. 

To add some definition, she applies Tom Ford’s Shade and Illuminate Soft Radiance Foundation to the underside of her cheeks with a Beauty Blender. She tops things off with shimmering Tom Ford’s Reflect Gilt highlighter, using an eye shadow brush. For a final blend, use Bobbi Brown’s Sheet Powder Brush.

Add some high-gloss shimmer

For those who want to “glow deeper” as Vo would say, try her easy hack of combining a shimmery Barbie pink blush with Kevin Aucoin’s Glass Glow Face and Body Gloss. This glazed look will make you shine from across the room and gives you healthy and natural-looking flushed cheeks. Unfortunately, Fenty discontinued the Bikini Martini blush that Vo originally used, but Juvia’s Place Blushed Duo Blush in Volume 4 is a nice dupe that’s delivers on the baby doll cheeks vibe.

Get “sun kissed” with a bright orange blush

You should always apply sunscreen to your face daily to help shield your skin from the damaging rays of the sun. But you can still get that “sunburnt” glow with a bright orange blush. Vo shows us exactly how to achieve this look using Victoria Beckham’s Cheeky Posh blush stick in Fever. She draws a straight line across her cheeks and applies a small dab on her nose, then blends with Ilia’s Complexion Brush. The result is fresh-looking, flushed cheeks.

Brighten your cheeks and lips with a glazed watermelon glow

If you want to infuse your cheeks and lips with the fruit of the season, look no further than Vo’s glazed watermelon glow. To get this look, Vo mixes some of the Rhode Peptide Glazing Fluid with Tom Ford’s Traceless Foundation Stick. The glazing fluid acts as a built-in highlighter and gives your skin a dewy, glazed finish. Then she gives her cheeks a pop of color with Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Beauty Blush Wand in Dream Pop. Again, she mixes the blush with some of the glazing fluid to create a pearlescent sheen. 

For lips, she applies a small amount of Mac’s Pigment in Red, an intensely colored loose powder, in the center of her lips and finishes off with a glossy layer of Rhode’s Peptide Lip Treatment. This is a great way to give yourself maximum foundation coverage that still looks fresh and natural.

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