The ‘Slob’ Haircut is Here to Stay, and Other Short Hairstyles to Try this Summer

Short and sweet haircuts for summer

Nadia Tayeh Slob Haircut | Reflect Beauty
Photo Credit: Nadia Tayeh on Instagram

The bob haircut has been around for decades, with movie stars rocking the short-length hairstyle from the early 1900s. I’m not sure about you, but we vividly remember sporting an extremely short bob with straight bangs back in the third grade. Point being the bob has always been around, but over the years, there have been modern takes on the hairstyle, the most recent being the “slob.” 

According to the hairstylist who coined the term, George Northwood explains that the slob gets its name from the idea of a sleek bob. In other words, the slob is a simple one-length cut with no layers. Most recently seen on Hailey Bieber, Eva Chen, and Lorie Harvey, it’s got us wanting to dial up our hairstylists and book an appointment because it’s obvious that the slob can suit just about anyone. 

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If you’re interested in switching it up this summer but are still deciding if the ‘Slob’ is for you, no worries, we’ve got you covered! Keep scrolling for a few more summer-style options that can refresh your look in the warm weather months. 

The Wixie 

If the slob felt a little too long for what you’re going for, the ‘wixie’ might be your next cut. Similar to the pixie cut, the ‘wixie’ is an edgier and more shaggy take. The best part about this cut is the little styling needed. I am personally not trying to spend hours on my haircare routine when heading to the beach or pool. The ‘wixie’ screams effortless hot girl summer. 

Malt Shop Bob

If you feel a ‘wixie’ is way too short, but a regular bob might be too basic, the malt shop bob is just what you’re looking for. The malt shop bob is bringing the 60s styles back with a twist. This hairstyle can take many forms and shapes, and the most prominent feature is its flippy ends and layered technique. This is a crowd favorite as you can customize the length to whatever feels suitable for you and style it to your liking. 

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Deep Side Part 

For those not ready to cut off the length and want something versatile yet chic, let me introduce you to the deep side part. Think of the deep side part as being an ‘extra’ part. Like a regular side part, the deep refers to the part starting much farther to the side. No need to call up your hairstylist for this one unless you want some sprucing up; this hairstyle can work on all types and lengths of hair.