The Curly Cut We’re Most Excited About for 2024

curly cut natural hair
Photo Credit: Yara Shahidi on Instagram; Artwork: Joy Adaeze

In this era of celebration for naturally curly hair, there’s no right way to embrace your natural texture. You do you! Thanks, in part, to celebrities using their platforms to embrace their curly, kinky, and coily textures and amplify diverse beauty standards, curly girls have more options than ever for cuts, colors, and trends they can try to highlight their manes. For 2024, we’re excited about a trend that simplifies individuality, making every texture a standout. 

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We’re talking about the round curly cut. We love this style because it follows the shape of your face and embraces your curl pattern. Shrinkage is no joke for more tightly curled and coiled hair, no matter the length. A round, curly cut can make your hair look thicker, fuller, and more uniform. There’s no need for stretching, twisting, or diffusing—just let your curls air-dry, keep them moisturized, and flaunt them in all their glory. 

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When you want to switch it up, you can do so very easily, depending on your length. Try:

-Combing or picking your curls out to give them a more oversized, Afro-inspired look.

-Laying down your front edges or brushing them upwards to add accessories like headbands  (a fun hair accessory that’s having a resurgence right now).

-Slicking one or both sides down or adding small braids to give frohawk vibes.

If your 2024 hair goals are low manipulation and easy-to-style curls, keep reading for examples of this curly hair trend we love.

Round/Bowl Cut

yara shahidi
Photo Credit: Yara Shahidi on Instagram

Yara Shahidi’s perfectly symmetrical cut allows for chic, face-framing curls. 

The immaculate shaping of Umi’s curly cut allows for bouncier curls that show off her natural texture.

Colored Round Cut

Ice Spice takes her curly cut up a notch in her signature spicy auburn color. 

Full, Round ‘Fro

Jodi Smith shows off the perfect way to rock a perfectly round afro. 

How are you embracing your curls in 2024? Let us know in the comment section!

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