5 Natural Hairstyles To Slay Your Back-to-School Look

Check out this list of fun back-to-school natural hair inspo.

back to school natural hair ideas
Photo Artwork: Joy Adaeze

It’s back-to-school season and rocking your natural hair to class and around campus has never been easier. We’ve rounded up a few simple hairstyles for curly and coily hair types that you can achieve without a trip to the salon. 

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Braid and Curl

Florida-based content creator Megan Lynn creates this look by starting with blow-dried hair, braiding small sections throughout her hair with mousse or curl cream, and coiling perm rods at the ends of her braids to achieve a spiraled curl.

Half-up Half-down

Dallas-based content creator Lexis Cay’s starts her half-up, half-down style with a zig-zag part and combs out her front section of hair with gel, while she uses hair ties and claw clips to give her half-up hair some height.

For those with longer hair who want to try a half-up hair look, Katya Mia offers inspiration by sectioning two front pieces into braids with gold loc jewelry, gelling the rest of her hair back and grabbing a small section into a claw clip.

Slicked Down Up-do

New York-based artist Mailaya Zuri experiments with the multiple textures of her 3b hair by clipping her curls with a large claw clip into an up-do and using a moisturizing leave-in conditioner and gel to slick down the front sections of her hair.

Curly Crown

Rio de Janeiro-based content creator Kathleen Sales starts this curly crown look by styling her 3b hair while it’s still wet and then twisting small sections of hair, layer by layer to achieve a crown-like look.

Space Buns and Braids

Nigeria-based content creator Angel Agbo styles her 4c hair in two space buns and one two-strand twist braids on each side.

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