Our Favorite Pride Makeup Looks To Recreate This June

Here’s how to do your makeup for Pride.

Pride Makeup Looks
Photo Credit: Rone Ferreira

From parades to soirees and picnics in the park, so many festivities are happening to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community this month. Whether you’re going as a member of the community or as an ally, pride is all about celebration—and through makeup, we can celebrate and honor one another’s individuality and uniqueness. 

If there’s one thing queer people know how to do, it’s serve a look. Self-expression is embedded into us as our identities are a huge part of who we are. For some, the journey to pride was not easy, and we have the entire month to commemorate that trek with supporters all around. 

If you have pride plans, follow along as we’ve compiled a few of our favorite makeup looks from queer creators. 

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Flag Eyeshadow 

Starting off with the classic flag, this look is a crowd favorite as it’s incredibly customizable to your identity and can be done by makeup beginners or experts. Whether you want to add a little glitter, some stars, or a whole rainbow, this look will surely attract compliments at any pride event. 


bisexual flag was super requested💗💜💙 look inspired by @cutcreaser ✨ using fade into hue palette by @colourpopco #fyp #makeup #pridemonth #lgbtq

♬ Did It On’em – Nicki Minaj

Rainbow with a Twist 

Who doesn’t love a pastel rainbow? This look is sure to turn some heads as it’s a tasteful take on the everyday rainbow colors. Although this look skews for the more advanced makeup artist, those who are not yet confident in their skills can easily take inspiration from the colors and create their version. 


I FILMED THE REST OF THE LOOK it will just be up tomorrow 😗 i am tired today #rainbowmakeup #pridemakeup #colorfulmakeup #graphiceyeliner #eyelinertutorial . products used: @Gavissi Beauty ® retro liner in french vanilla C2 liner brush from @BYMELOLOPS x @cutcreaser collection, currently sold out but their C1 brush is still available, and ofher liner brushes i like are from gavissi beauty, @Glisten Cosmetics, and @SUVA Beauty

♬ Sugarcoat – Heize♡

Pride Nose Stripe 

For those who want to celebrate with as little makeup as possible, we’ve got the look for you. With a completion time of about five minutes, this look is perfect if you’re on the go, not confident in your eyeshadow abilities, or want to keep it minimal. Sometimes Pride parades get hot, so if you’re worried about sweat dripping down your face, give this one a go! 

Alternative Pride 

If you’re more into the color black than rainbow but still want to indulge in pride makeup, we’ve got you! This heart spider web simultaneously gives you a little edge and a cheerful pop of color. I have a feeling this makeup will make you some friends while you’re out celebrating. 


Some alt inspo for pride 2023🏳️‍🌈😏 🎵:Vulgar – @Sam Smith 🎶 #pride2023 #pridemakeup #pridemakeuplook #eyemakeup

♬ VULGAR – Sam’s Verse – Sam Smith & Madonna

Stars Galore

Get your blending tools and some sparkles out for this one! One of my personal favorite looks, this jaw-dropping silver star creation is certain to make you stand out from the already very colorful crowd. If you don’t have star stickers nearby, feel free to cut a paper star out and spray it with a little setting spray, to create a DIY star template. 

Over The Rainbow 

Lastly, we can not get over how beautiful this graphic liner look is. Perfect for any skill type, all you need are a few colors and a steady hand. If you’re rushing off to a last-minute party, keep this look in mind for an effortless and clean glow.  

Now you’re equipped with some great Pride makeup inspo and ready to celebrate. Which look will you recreate?