Nai Jalee’s Dreamy Aesthetic Is Breaking The Internet

Get to know Tiktok beauty superstar Nai Jelee.

nai jelee
Photo Artwork: Joy Adaeze

Nai-Jelee may look familiar, as it’s highly likely she’s popped up on your “for you” page once or twice. With over 1.2M TikTok followers, Nai-Jelee is one of the internet’s favorite colorful makeup artists. From her wig tutorials to DIY tooth gem explanations, Nai-Jelee has the internet in a chokehold. Her rainbow-cut creases and ethereal selfies on Instagram are bound to inspire you for your next look. Whether you follow her for her nail, makeup, or hair tutorials, Nai-Jelee can certainly teach all of us a thing or two about beauty. 

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As a self-identified DIYer, Nai-Jelee teaches her followers how you can do just about all of your beauty routine by yourself. Nails, hair, lashes, tooth gems, graphic liner, you name it, Nai-Jelee’s page has a tutorial for it. Her videos almost feel like a best friend is sending you content as she exudes personality and humorous remarks. 

Nai-Jelee is the official owner of Pressed N’ Bougie luxury press-on nails, which the Internet has sold out multiple times. As a certified esthetician, she is the total-package influencer and shares tips and tricks on any beauty-related topic you could think of. With seamless transitions and typically short clips, it’s easy to get trapped in a never-ending scroll on her page—but hey, we’re not complaining! 

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Nai-Jelee will often share pride-inspired makeup or hair looks. Most recently, she dyed her wig the colors of the trans flag: 


Trans flag inspired peekaboo wig w/ @Arctic Fox bc they are all about being your most authentic self! 😍 Products linked in my bio & 15% of all yearly profits go towards charities fighting animal cruelty! (like LGBTQ+ owned VIVAGLOBALRESCUE)😉💕✨ #AFpartner #arcticfox #foxology #arcticfoxhaircolor #wigtok #pride #lgbtqtiktok #fyp 

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We have a feeling this is just the beginning for Nai-Jelee. She has incredible talent and is bound to go far in her career. If you’re ever looking for beauty advice or even a laugh, head over to Nai-Jelee’s page for some inspiration. 

Nai-Jelee is definitely a beauty force on Tiktok. What are your favorite looks of hers?