De-Stress With A Skin-Soothing DIY Milk Bath

Find out how milk baths can be healing for the body and soul.

Milk Bath
Photo Credit: Monstera

You got milk nails, but have you ever tried a milk bath? 

I recently had a session with an energy healer to help reduce my anxiety and stress levels. She told me in times of high stress, self-care was a necessity, not a luxury. She recommended I do at least one small thing for myself every day and, when I have the time, pamper as much as possible. In the same way we take care of all the people in our lives—our partners, our kids, our parents, our friends—we have to take care of us.

Women especially have a hard time directing care and attention back to ourselves. While all women are twice as likely to suffer from severe stress and anxiety as men, Black women have stressors that disproportionately affect them and their reported levels of chronic stress are higher than those of white, Asian and Hispanic women.

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What’s A Stressed-Out Woman Of Color To Do?

My energy healer suggested a milk bath with rose petals. I’d never done one before, but it turns out Mariah Carey was an early adopter. Way back in 2018, Mariah got a bunch of press for revealing she bathes in milk like the queen she is. Way further back, actual Queens Cleopatra, Catherine Parr and Elizbeth I of England all bathed in milk as an anti-aging treatment.

This is actually an ancient beauty secret with some science behind it. 

The fats, proteins and lactic acid in milk can exfoliate, smooth and hydrate skin. I can attest to how soft and silky my skin felt after my milk bath. The viscosity of the water is different because of the milk and there’s something luxurious and almost naughty about bathing in milk—it’s just not something you do on the daily.

Maybe we should because milk baths are also said to reduce fine lines and wrinkles (see Queens, above), improve skin firmness, and ease inflammation from eczema and sunburn. Which means summer is the perfect time to try your first, de-stressing milk bath.

How to Take a De-Stressing DIY Milk Bath

  1. Run a warm to hot bath
  2. Add at least 1-2 cups of liquid or powdered milk. I went full Mariah Carey and used a liter of whole milk, but you can use goat milk, almond milk, whatever you like. If you have a milk allergy, use one that doesn’t cause a reaction
  3. Optional: Add rose petals, essential oils, epsom salts, tea leaves
  4. Relax for at least 20 minutes
  5. Wash off the milk with a hydrating soap, moisturize, and revel in your queenliness 

Milk baths sounds amazing and a great way to treat ourselves. Will you be trying one?