Got Milk Nails? This Summer’s “It” Mani Works With All Skin Tones

Milk nails are quickly taking over as the nails to have for Summer. Here’s why.

milk nails trend
Photo Artwork: Joy Adaeze

Milk nails have been a low-key celeb fave for a couple of years now and they’re showing their staying power for summer. No wonder: Milk nails are where the Venn diagram of  “clean girl aesthetic” and “quiet luxury” overlap. 

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A modern take on the 90s French mani, milk nails are a semi-opaque, translucent blend of pink and white that makes a perfect neutral, one that looks good on every nail shape from short squovals à la Kourtney Kardashian to Lizzo’s long coffin nails (she was of course an early adopter).

Milk nails especially stand out on medium to dark skin tones, so it’s not surprising this is a fave mani of Rihanna’s. She recently showed off her milk nails for the Fenty Skin launch of the Cherry Dub Superfine Daily Cleansing Face Scrub.

Summer brides can also opt for milk nails. It’s the mani Jennifer Lopez chose for her wedding to Ben Affleck.

But if you want your mani to really be IT this summer, go for blueberry milk nails. A baby-ish blue version of the milk mani (like what your milk looks like after a bowl of Boo Berry cereal). It’s what Zendaya was sporting when she climbed over seats at the Louis Vuitton SS 2024 Menswear show in Paris to pay homage to Beyoncé. Iconic.

Dua Lipa and Sofia Richie are also on the blueberry bandwagon, so you know it’s a thing.

This summer, get milk… nails, that is. Will you be trying this trend?