According To Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist, You Can Use Eye Cream As Face Moisturizer

Eye cream as face moisturizer? Beyonce’s makeup artist Sir Jon swears by it.

Beyonce Sir Jon
Photo Credit: Instagram

A recent phenomenon has been resurfacing around the beauty community lately, and believe it or not, this is not a viral TikTok trend, at least not yet. According to Beyonce’s makeup artist, you can use under-eye cream as a full-on face moisturizer. 

Yes, those tiny jars meant for preventing wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes are being splattered all over people’s faces, and for good reason. Specifically meant for people with sensitive or dry skin, eye cream formulas are gentler and less irritating than your typical moisturizer. They contain less active ingredients as compared to face creams and, therefore, can be way better for people with eczema or anyone with flakey, dehydrated skin.

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We once spoke to a facialist who told us face moisturizer isn’t supposed to be used around your under eyes and can lead to millia as many moisturizer formulas can be too strong. For some, face moisturizer can be too intense for the whole face.

In fact, in a 2015 Cut article, Beyonce’s makeup artist, Sir John Barnett, shared he uses an eye cream all over the face as it has smaller particles and is meant to deliver ingredients to a more delicate area.

This tip has stuck around for the past few years as many makeup artists and aestheticians have been recommending the same method once again. Especially as we leave the warmer months behind and your skin starts to require more moisturizer, you may want to try an eye cream everywhere. The downside to this method is your wallet may not be happy. Eye creams are exponentially more expensive than your typical face moisturizers and come with way less product. 

However, it may be worth it if you’re someone with very dry skin and need the extra boost of gentle hydration. If you’re looking for an affordable and highly rated eye cream to test out we  love the Olay Regenerist Collagen Peptide 24 Eye Cream.

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