Baroque Nails Are The It Nails For Fall

Here’s our favorite Baroque style nails.

baroque nails
Photo Artwork: Joy Adaeze alisa_nails_love on Instagram

Fall is here and this means a change in our beauty routines—from skin care, makeup, and our favorite category: nails

This fall, we are going big or going home with the rise of Baroque style nails. This 17th century form of artistic expression highlights the use of bold ornamentation that’s lavish and extravagant, featuring rich colors, intricate patterns and glamorous 3D jewels like gemstones, metallic accents, pearls, crosses and lace-like patterns. 

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You can achieve Baroque style nails with any length of nail but, due to their extravagant nature, they tend to work better on longer nails, which lend more real estate to add lavish designs. You can try this look at home with the help of press-on nails and 3D jewels or opt to have a nail tech create the magic for you. Either way, prepare for easily the most eye-catching nails of your life. 

We scoured Tiktok and found our favorite Baroque style nails that we think you’ll love, too.

Tonal Baroque Nails 

Instead of going with bold metallic hues, this set features a soft neutral shade complete with teeny statues, gems, and the cutest mini chain links.

Lace Detail Baroque Nails


This is an iteration of the nails I created for #emmachamberlain for #metgala2022 I designed a #baroque #vintage #crownmolding #nailart #deisgn inspired by the #architecture of the baroque era. I used @CND and @Doublemoss_Arte #nailartbrushes and #artistpalettering

♬ golden hour – Ruel Remix – JVKE

This pretty ivory lace design works great if your nails are on the shorter side. (Pro tip: if your nails are short, pick one detail of Baroque nails to focus on—in this case, lace.)

Teal And Gold Baroque Nails 

One of our favorite color combinations of the bunch, teal and gold gives off sophistication and luxury.

Black And Gold Baroque Nails 


Wow! This is literally an extension of her outfit!! Swipe for a closer look. My client requested a Baroque art design, she sent a photo of her bag and dress for my inspiration. My trouble was I don’t really draw! My options are either decals or foil but its hard to source them, at the same time I hate disappointing my client. But then I thought, maybe I could draw them, surprisingly I can. I’ve planned everything in my mind. Before anything I asked for her opinions too before I decide myself. I put a leopard charm on her thumb to pair it with her bag and Chain for the ring finger. Luckily I also have a Baroque charm so I put it in the middle ( last minute discovery ). Everything is just well put together! Thank you @gelineonline for the challenge. #russianmanicure #baroqueart #baroquenails

♬ original sound – Social Climber Nails on IG&FB – Social Climber Nails on IG&FB

This black and gold Baroque style nail set hit the trend head on with lavish stones, chains, and detailing.

Checkered Baroque Nails 

This fun nail set proves that adding an unexpected touch—like these checkered details behind cherubic accents—makes for a standout moment. 

Which one of these Baroque nails are calling your name? Let us know in the comment section!