The Best Press-On Nails For When You’re In A Rush

Here are our favorite press-on nails.

press on nails
Photo Artwork: Joy Adaeze

Sometimes finding time to get your nails done is just not on the agenda for the week. Whether you’re juggling work, relationships, family, errands, or anything of the sort, we know how hard it is to find time to fulfill all your beauty needs. Luckily, we have a solution — press-ons. 

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Sure, press-on nails can get a bad rap for falling off quickly, looking cheap, or not coming in an array of styles, but we’re here to prove you wrong. The faux nail industry has truly enhanced in the past few years as they’ve come out with more patterns and colors than ever before. They have also become a lot more durable and stronger than those drugstore ones you used to buy back in the day. Stay tuned for our tried-and-true brands that will get you salon results in seconds — minus the time suck of going to an actual salon. 

Static Nails Reusable Pop-On Manicure Set

This simplistic nail set comes with a pop of color and an Allure Best of Beauty award from 2022. By simply applying the non-toxic, odorless glue, these can stay on for up to two weeks! A pop-on manicure in seconds. What’s not to love? 

PaintLab Almond Press On Nails

The PaintLab Almond Press On Nails come in the most beautiful colors and shapes. No one will ever know you didn’t sit at the salon for two hours and have them hand-painted. For $15, these also come with a nail file, buffer, and cuticle stick. 

Olive and June Pink Goldfish Press-Ons

The Olive and June Pink Goldfish Press-Ons are a reusable and eco-friendly option. Although it only offers up to a 9-day wear time, it has the most extensive variety of nail sizing options compared to other brands.  

Chillhouse Chill Tips Press-On Manicure Kit

Although a little pricer than other options, the Chillhouse Chill Tips have some pretty cool design choices. With a non-damaging glue and an easy removal process, these press-ons are high on our list. With your choice of squiggles, ombre, checkerboard, and multi-colored tips, people are sure to ask who did your nails. 

Kiss Gel Fantasy 

Coming in at $12, these Gel Fantasy rhinestone press-ons are known for being chip-proof and are perfect for people who want to save money on designs at the salon. 

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Perfect Manicure Press on Nails Kit

Sally Hansen for the win! These almond-shaped and apple-colored nails are easy to slip onto various nail shapes. With both adhesive tabs & nail glue included, these can stay on for as long or as short as you want them to. We also love that the length of these is a little longer than other press-ons we’ve seen. 

O.P.I x PRESS/On Special Effect Press On Nails

Offered in 8 styles, these O.P.I classics come in many different shapes, lengths, and styles depending on what you’re looking for. With a 14-day wear time, you might have trouble removing them, which doesn’t usually happen with press-ons. These can be worn time and time again. 

Next time you’re stressing to find time for the salon we suggest trying one of these kits to save yourself the headache. Which one was your favorite?