5 Tips For Hydrated Fall Skin

Here are 5 skincare tips to keep your skin hydrated during cold weather.

hydrated skin tips
Photo Artwork: Joy Adaeze

A change in season means it’s time for an update in skincare. During cold weather months our skin takes a beating due to lower humidity levels. Outdoor air typically holds less water and is noticeably drier. When we are indoors, the air can also feel parched due to heating, which strips skin of moisture. Cold weather months can greatly compromise skin health triggering dryness or eczema. Thankfully there are helpful tips that can save your skin during this time and keep it looking its best.

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I have a slight advantage when it comes to figuring out ways to keep skin moisturized. My whole life the skin on my body has been sensitive and on the drier side. The skin on my face is also on the sensitive side. Throughout the years, my goal has been to develop strategies to keep my skin moisturized and free of irritation. This is the exact same mindset to have when handling your skin during harsh, cold weather months. Here are my tried and true tips for supple, moisturized skin that will have you glowing, even when the temps drop.

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