10 Holiday Eyeshadow Looks By Our Fave WOC Creators

Look your best this holiday season by donning a new eyeshadow look. 

Whether you’re getting ready for a casual Friendsgiving dinner or an extensive holiday party with friends from out of town, look your best this holiday season by donning a new eyeshadow look. 

Go big and glam with metallics and big eyelashes, or tone it down with some autumnal neutrals and a rosy blush instead—whatever eye makeup you gravitate towards for your next holiday event, this list of 10 eyeshadow tutorials from beauty gurus and influencers alike is sure to meet your needs. 

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With tutorials on day and night looks for people of any skill range and all skin tones, this list will help you narrow down your countless options for eye looks to help you rock the one that’ll turn heads all holiday season long. 

“Fall” In Love With Autumn

Going apple picking or swinging by the pumpkin patch for an autumnal photoshoot? This tutorial by Lauren B. Brown or RaggedyRoyal walks you through how to create an incredibly warm and seasonally appropriate fall eyeshadow look, perfect for your next romp through the corn maze. 

Complete with plum, mustard, and bronze orange shades, this eye makeup uses over eight colors to create intense definition with bright autumnal colors. Brown also teaches you how to cut your crease to achieve a crisp, defined look while using many different colors. 

Tinsel Green 

Opt for a festive look that’s more glam than Grinch with this sparkly green eyeshadow tutorial from Smitha Deepak. Relying primarily on light neutrals and a deep brown to create a subtle wing, this eye makeup truly shines with the addition of a green glimmer shade to the lower lash line. 

To make the shimmer eyeshadow really stick, Deepak uses primer on her lower lash line as well, which is a handy trick you can keep in mind for any future eye looks. This makeup is a straightforward yet elegant eye look you can use all season long. 

Clean Girl Caroling 

This one is for all the “clean girls” out there! If you couldn’t get enough warm neutral makeup looks throughout summer, transition those same shades into winter with this everyday holiday makeup. In her tutorial, YouTuber Savannah Sylver teaches you how to achieve this aesthetic by walking you through her face routine and the matte shadow look, which relies primarily on brown and neutral tones. It ends up being the perfect natural makeup for any occasion, be it for a stroll to admire the fall foliage or a cocktail party. 

Sylver also briefly discusses the off-putting name of this makeup tutorial in how it suggests that if there are clean girls, then there are also dirty ones: “I hate the fact that people rebrand simple things in such a derogatory or demeaning way.” The trend has been the subject of previous controversy

Blizzard Chic

“Cold girl” makeup took TikTok by storm last year, and this is the perfect tutorial to turn to if you want to bring back the blizzard chill chic look to any holiday party on your calendar this year. In this video, Tea Renee walks you through this natural holiday winter makeup tutorial using largely accessible drugstore products. 

She shows you how to do your entire face and the eye makeup look which consists primarily of white shimmers and subtle browns for contouring. She also adds a subtle wing to the look using liquid eyeliner, which defines the eye and elevates the overall look. This is a great tutorial for people on a budget who are still looking to pull out some trendy winter looks.

NYE Glitz And Glam

If you’re looking to up the ante on New Year’s Eve with some extra shine, or just out to impress on a regular Friday night out, this bold metallic look will do the trick. Savannah Sylver calls this “fall-inspired,” but instead of taking from the traditional warm tones of red, yellow and orange color palette, she primarily uses gray, silver and cold brown tones from the Juvia’s Place The Taupes Eyeshadow Palette

A simple, glamorous and affordable look, this makeup uses only three eyeshadows to create a party-ready eye. She also pairs the eye makeup with a beautiful rose nude lip and a matte, full-coverage base. 

Brr, Blue Frostbite 

Looking to play with cooler tones in your eye look this holiday season? This tutorial from Jackie Aina is a great one to turn to, as it uses bright silvers and beautiful blue tones to create a show-stopping glam look. 

Aina first walks you through her base routine to achieve a blemish-free, full-coverage look, using a mix of drugstore and higher-end products. Then, taking a dark cobalt blue as her darkest shade, she creates a layered cold chrome look using only three glimmers. This look is perfect for an evening event to appear as Aina puts it, “celestial and festive.”

Seductive, Sultry, And Seasonal 

By the time late December rolls around, you might be tired of playing with silver eye glitter and glitzy shadows. If that’s the case, turn back to tried and true basics with this sultry neutral eye makeup look from Michelle Phan

Creating a light, natural base using moisturizing skincare and subtle coverage products, Phan relies primarily on brown, taupe, and rosy beige tones for her eye look. The end result is a well-blended, sultry eye look that uses a slight eyeliner to further accentuate the eye beyond the subtle contours of the eyeshadow used. 

Emerald All The Way 

New to green eyeshadow and looking to wear it in a way that’s not too blatantly Christmas, but still festive for this time of year? No worries, this stunning glam eyeshadow tutorial from Teaiara Walker will help you put together a quick, easily wearable bright green eye shadow look. 

Using five shades of different greens and a bronzey gold to blend her brightest glimmers, Walker creates a simple yet bold look. This eye makeup tutorial also walks you through the process of creating a matching base and lip for this holiday look, making it your one-stop for quick yet stunning holiday makeup. 

Sweet Like Mulled Wine 

With all the blue, green, and metallic tutorials floating around the internet this season, maybe you want to incorporate warmer colors into your holiday party look. If that’s the case, this Jessica Vu tutorial is perfect, as it uses burgundy shadows and shimmery copper tones to create a more romantic, sultry look. Relying on warmer reds, this look is a sweeter holiday look, perfect for a flirty first date or a casual night stroll through a winter market with friends. 

Pumpkin Spice 

Another tutorial by Smitha Deepak that we love is perfect for anyone trying to perfect the viral pumpkin spice makeup trend, which Deepak says is “just a fancy name for fall makeup.” In the video, she first walks you through how to do a flawless base—complete with color correcting—perfect for women looking to better conceal dark spots. 

Deepak then uses bronze shimmers, dark browns and rosy champagne tones to create the pumpkin spice look. She also has hooded eyes which makes this a perfect tutorial for anyone with a similar lid shape looking for eye looks that best suit their features.  

What makeup look are you gravitating too? Let us know in the comment section!