7 Skincare Staples From Actress Greta Lee

Actress Greta Lee dished on her epic skincare routine and here are some highlights that will have you running straight to Sephora. 

greta lee
Photo Credit: Greta Lee on Instagram; Artwork: Joy Adaeze

The third season of Apple TV’s The Morning Show just wrapped, and it was a doozy (seriously as good as the first season). Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon’s complicated characters kept us glued to every episode, but this season also focused on a few other network moguls, including Greta Lee’s character, Stella Bak. 

You may know the Korean-American actress from the acclaimed series @russiandollnetflix or the award-winning film @pastlivesmovie. In any case, we’re a little obsessed with her beauty and curious about the goodies she relies on. Fortunately, she’s happily dished on this subject, to the likes of Vogue and Allure. Here are some highlights that will have you running straight to Sephora. 

Protect Your Skin

dr barbara sturm
Photo Credit: Brand

Regarding sun protection and living on the West Coast, Lee told Allure, “I’ve turned into one of those 90-year-old women with a large sun hat and driving gloves.” The 40-year-old (who looks every bit of 30) is never without zinc-based SPF. Two faves include Kinship Self Reflect Probiotic Moisturizing Sunscreen Zinc Oxide SPF 32 and Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops SPF 50.

Don’t Skip Your Face Roller

face roller
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Greta talked to Vogue about her daily skincare routine. She cleanses with Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser. “It’s really gentle and feels so nice,” she gushed. Lee likes to apply the cleanser to dry skin, then wipes it off with a wet cloth. 

After cleansing, Greta massages her skin with a face roller. “Growing up my mom used to give me diagrams with arrows all over it on how to use this (face roller).”  As a kid, Lee thought this was a little nuts, but it turns out mom knows best… Lee reaches for her face roller every day! 

Grab a Face Mask

masque vivant
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When it comes to masking, Greta likes to mix two masks by Biologique Recherche, Masque Vivant and Biomagic. The combo looks like she’s been playing in mud. She told Vogue, “Every time I put on these masks, I say ‘mask alert’ so I don’t scare my husband!” Lee leaves them on for about 20 minutes.

Transform Your Skin

Finally, Greta swoons over the nourishing active botanicals in these day and nighttime treatments from Muri Lelu. “Oh my God! My ultimate favorite product that I want to scream about to everyone is this Muri Lelu duo ” she told Allure.  “I’m obsessed…I swear, they don’t pay me; this is not a hashtag ad. I feel like this has single-handedly changed my skin. It’s a beautiful product.”

Go Pro

So, what do Greta Lee, Lady Gaga and Zendaya have in common? According to Allure, they all turn to LA based facialist @joomee_song for specialty treatments. “She has these facial massage tutorials on her Instagram that have really been life changing for me,” says Lee.  “She’s restored my faith in just our innate ability to have healthy skin.”