A Beauty Editor’s BIPOC Gift Guide for the Skincare Aficionado

beauty editors gift guide
Photo: Courtesy of the brand; Artwork: Joy Adaeze

As a skincare product junkie, I would absolutely love it if most of my holiday gifts revolved around the face. Products that are tried-and-true are fine, but something new is always greatly appreciated. That said, most of my loved ones know very little about skincare (much less about skincare brands created by people of color) so this guide is both inspiring for the skincare lover as well as a primer for the gift-giver who would like to shower their loved one with special, quality goods. 

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Skincare enthusiasts will appreciate the distinctive stories and inspiration behind these brands––from K Beauty to Ayurveda, traditional Japanese skincare rituals to pimple patches. The creators range from plastic surgeons to celebrities, MBA grads to aestheticians. 

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Check out their products and get inspired by their stories.  

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Mel Curry | Reflect Beauty Author
Mel Curry

Mel Curry is a beauty and lifestyle writer who spends way too much time watching Love Island, buying skincare products, and drinking caffeine. You can catch her strolling down the streets of New York looking for her next adventure—or, err gig. Her work has appeared in Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Women's Health, and more. Follow her on IG @melaniercurry.

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