The CEW’s Most Affordable Beauty Awards Winners (& TikTok Faves)

cew beauty awards
Photo: Courtesy of the brand; Artwork: Joy Adaeze

There’s nothing like your favorite beauty product winning an award and confirming your beauty insight, but learning about new products that have been thoroughly vetted is a close second. 

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Each year, the CEW, an organization of over 9000 beauty industry thought leaders, puts out a list of their favorite products. The CEW’s 2023 beauty awards winners included a wide selection, from TikTok hits to drugstore classics

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Did your beloved beauty product make the cut? Keep reading to find out. 

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Maggie Kim Writer | Reflect Beauty
Maggie Kim

Maggie Kim is a writer, editor and content strategist for startups (We-Ar4, Fitz Frames) and global brands (H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Lancôme). Her byline appears in Grazia, Glamour, Marie Claire, Bon, WSJ, Cosmopolitan, People and more. Maggie is an advocate for family court reform and splits her time between Paris and Los Angeles.

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