7 Viral TikTok Products That Are Worth the Hype

TikTok is full of funny, unhinged content, but it’s also an amazing beauty hub and resource for discovering new products. In fact, it may be the superior search engine at this point. 

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We’ve rounded up seven of our favorite, buzzy products that we’re dying to add to our makeup collections ASAP. From trending tints to a juicy lip balm, get to know the makeup goodies TikTok can’t get enough of. 

Milk Makeup Cooling Jelly Water Tint + Cheek Blush Stain 


i HAD TO TAKE A BITE I COULDNT RESIST 😩🩷 behold.. the new @milkmakeup jelly tint blushes…. 😩😩😩 #blush #milkmakeup #makeupreview

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Milk Makeup’s new lip and cheek stain has the beauty gurus of TikTok in a complete chokehold. Their edible nature has caused people to literally take a bite out of the squishy exterior (which we do not recommend!). 

Since this product is a stain, you’ll need to work fast to blend it out on your cheeks and lips, but once you do, you’ll be left with a sheer wash of color that’ll keep you coming back for more. 

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Emily Bowen

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