The Battle of the Mousses

What if I said you can achieve super defined natural hair with just one product?

Best for Styling Thin Curly Hair: Aussie Headstrong Volumizing Mousse 

aussie headstrong
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I don’t have thin hair, but I did wear a wig for over two months with thin, curly strands and it was a struggle finding a lightweight mousse. I tried just about every curly mousse and almost all left the wig’s curls super dry and brittle except for the Aussie Headstrong Volumizing Mousse. 

This foam is water-based and contains bamboo extract and Australian Kakadu plum to help hold thin hair without causing it any damage or breakage. While I wish it was more long-lasting—the hold is only up to 24 hours—it did its job, and for that, it’s worth it in my book. 

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