Your 2021 Daily Agenda for Best Life Living

sorry, I’m busy af 
This has been my whole to-do list for going on 7 years. It’s pretty comprehensive and I’ve found that as long as I stick to It, everything gets done.
Try this: in a moment, bring your hands together as if in prayer, and place them in front of your heart. Bow your head and your upper trunk, just slightly. With eyes closed, whisper, sincerely, ‘thank you, thank you, thank you.’
Instant Peace, right?!
Practice some more in this ‘surrender’ posture, until you become familiar enough with your true nature that it no longer matters what position that body is in, or not! Soon, you’ll be consciously breathing, walking, talking, listening, living, and loving in the Peace that you are. That I Am.
Until then, sit in the ‘surrender’ posture and give thanks to Life, to Love, for at least 5 minutes each morning. After about the third morning, you won’t need any convincing. 
With you in and AS the Peace,